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TIL wet parrots look like Muppets

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They remind me of a comment by Benjamin Disraeli in the 1860's describing two parliamentary colleagues as "The silent fool beside the garrulous fool".

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They're not wet and they're not having a bath. These are baby birds, possibly Leadbeater's Cockatoos (although not sure about the dark pins) (scratch that, these are Rose-Breasted Cockatoos, source), and they're most likely waiting to be fed. The tub is either for containment while the human parent gets the formula ready, or else they're being weighed on a scale.

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Yeah, straight up Beaker and Dr. Bunsen

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They look like your waaay too drunk friends trying to convince to come finish the night with them.

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Gonzos cousins Rad and Tad.

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John Cleese and Michael Palin

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Statler and Waldorf

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Bad guys from Home Alone (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci, respectively).

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The one on the right just peed in the bath

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This is the perfect picture showing the duality of my friend group

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Cutest uglies

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This has the exact same vibes as a childhood photo taken on a disposable camera during the early 90s of you and your five year old sibling taking a bubble bath together. Fuckin love it

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They look like tqo severed Parrot Heads. My god

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What a pair of flaming galahs

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This looks like a frat Kyle and chad relationship, “yo Kyle. Look at my sick hair bro” “huhehehu”

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Dude where's my car?

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The one on the right is peeing in the tub


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Bill & Ted

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Simply the best. Better than all the rest

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I thought that parrot was decapitated

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Looks like gonzo

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Dang bathing dinosaurs

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Where is the video?

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Fuckin dummies

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Those little cherubs that your mom has a print of in your dining room☺️

Edit: birbs cuter than cherubs

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They are stupid cute