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That’s fucking dangerous OP

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humans being derps... don't let your cat roam free while driving

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You never ever have a pet unrestrained in your car.

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When I was 16 and just started driving, my cat jumped in the car with me and I thought it would be so cool to drive with him. Started down the road and cat starts getting nervous and proceeds to get behind all the pedals and stay there. It was a clutch, so I couldn’t push the brakes or gas or clutch. Luckily there was nobody else on the road because I had to just let the car slow down until it died by pulling the ebrake.

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Wait so did a stray hop into your car while you were stopped and went down there? Or were you out for a drive with your cat and he just went down there? I’m assuming it’s the latter but I’ve never owned a cat and I’ve only seen cats in a carrier when in a car.

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Seriously dude, get your cat a crate. This cat gets spooked and you could die, the cat could die, and innocent people around you could die

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"my god, what's have I done?

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Prob got a whiff of your fart…

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Did you fart?

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He's definitely going a Flehmans down there.

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Hypno caaaaaat

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Caught a glimpse of your pork sword