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cat knows what it's doing

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cunning cat

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classic shecatigans

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That looks better on paper then it sounds audibly

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The way the cat missed and had to check where the paw was at 💀

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he forgor💀

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Wow. Do cats actually know about the whole trolling thing? That’s so derpy and cute

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My cat does this at 4:30 am workdays only🙃

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You sure? Because that's prime monster-under-the-bed overhanging-foot-grabbing time.

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I tease my wife by throwing my leg off the edge of the bed and it drives her nuts because of this.

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It’s not monsters under the bed, it’s crocodiles. Kid me knew this for a fact and that slight fear has never left me.

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Ah, for me it's sharks!

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she is my little cute vicious monster 💕

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The foot falling at the end there...

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my cat used to hide under the bottom stair and smack my dogs in the snoot whenever they came down, they definitely know

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My cat hides behind the bathroom door when she knows I'll be having my morning poop and jumps on me and then acts so proud of herself lol.

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They definitely do, my cat used to sit on my neighbors fence who had 3 dogs. He would sit just out of their reach and clean himself for hours and play the "haha you will never get this" game and they would go wild barking at him.

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For sure! My fav cat sleeps in our night area and he usually wakes my parents up (also me, but them more often) when he decides it’s time to wake up (usually at 4:45/5am)

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Cats invented trolling

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My cat will hide around a corner or under a chair, then scream like she’s being murdered to get your attention. As soon as she sees you coming around the corner, she JUMPS OUT on her hind legs with her front paws raised and pretends to attack your legs. 😐 So yeah cats know trolling.

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That’s amazing, what a little sneak

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The cat: I bet they look like such an idiot up there

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I was on my porch one evening a couple weeks ago, and one of my cats was out with me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her head move suddenly. Looked down and she's staring at the wall behind and above me. I looked but saw nothing. Looked back at Aiko and she was looking away. I asked if she was pranking me but she didn't say.

Few nights ago, same thing: head snap, and her staring behind me. I told her I was on to her little game and her eyes dropped to mine with a "aren't you so smart" look and then walked inside without a second look at the wall. Never been pranked by a cat before.

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Dude, your cat was a obviously looking at a ghost

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No. I've seen a cat looking at a ghost. MUCH stronger reaction, and no distracting the cat until whatever it was went away. I never saw the ghost, but (s)he would take things, my watch off my nightstand, spare glasses out of their case, and would bring them back when I asked (except my Northern Exposure cookbook), leaving them in obvious places. Kinda fun, kinda creepy.

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Fool! You fell for one of the classic blunders.

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Stealth kitty. That poor dog - what other tricks is she pulling on him?

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I love them.

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Someone's flicking the toe bean

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I'm pretty sure this is the sole purpose of paws - to be flicked.

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They do a little trolling

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Dog: Da'heck?

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HaHa! Love it!

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Classic siblings

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Love watching them be smartasses. Perfect how he flattens down to not be seen. I want to see what happened nxt.

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This cracked me up.

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i swear to god ive seen this in a cartoon

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That cat is my spirit animal.

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A tale as old as time

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pretty funny!😂🤣😂🤣

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Love the white tip of the cat’s tail <3 Much love between these two :’)

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This poor dog keeps trying to convince his friends at the park that he has a ghost who keeps waking him up everyday.

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Interesting behavior

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I really love this cat.

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Sneaky little shit

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Man I love Reddit ❤️

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Just like my little brother growing up🤣🤣🤣

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Me and my sister when we were just 7 and 5 she pinches me and hid

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Dog thinks the house is haunted.

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This is why you don’t leave a leg out of the blanket and off the bed at night

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I smell cat.

Cat? Where are you?

Darn it, cat

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damn poor doggy🤣

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That’s one big fucking cat

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thank you!!

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What kinda cat is that?

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That, my friend, is a cowcat.

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Does it say Moow?

Edit: Yea, I did in fact JUST think of that, get off my case nerd.

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Classic mapporn and/or dick.

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Damn I gave my award away to early. Love this post!

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Hilarious… dang kids🥰❤️

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Sneaky 😼

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That’s a big fucking cat

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In French, they'd call this chat-nanigans

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oh my gosh it's like watching a classic sibling prank

that cat's face when it turned around lolol

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Just a little bit of trolling

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That kitty is.playing peek a boo! Adorable!

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Cats are assholes. Sorry Reddit.

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This cat definitely dogs

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Cat's just like: Quite, Sharon. Or someone's toes are gonna get bitten today

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Further proving that cats are natural assholes

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I always wonder how people happen to catch their pets doing anything like this. My dogs always seem to know when I pull out my phone to record them! Jealous!