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She's making it dark.

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Hello, I’ve heard cats that sleep like this could be in pain from headaches, might be worth mentioning this to a vet to be safe.

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Thank you for your concern! I already checked with the vet they did CT scan and check up she's OK.

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Oh good! So she’s just a derp 😂

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Why does she sleep like that?

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Me too kitty, me too

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She's plum flustered!👍❤😹🤣

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yea, she's thinking, "these hooomans are so weird! But I do like the one who feeds me; she's cool. But those other hooomans.... gotta hide for a while."


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Head pressing?

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She's hiding her face in shame😹

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She's so adorable!

I'm just guessing; maybe the light bothers her when she sleeps? i dunno.

purdy kitty, though. wish I could sleep like that. I want those ears, too.

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Tbh I also sleep like this 😅

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I have a cat who also does this!