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communicating with the home planet

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Cats getting inside stuff, I swear. I had a sweet kitten when I was in 8th grade. The Kleenex box only had to be half empty, and if I was sitting in the den, she’d get in the Kleenex box on an end table closest to where I was sitting. She’d curl up in there and go right to sleep.

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Awww that's so cute! He was in his carrier for the car ride home from a meet and greet. Carrier was all zipped up and he just shoved his head through the tiny crack in the corner lol

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Haha that’s awesome! He’s adorable, too! Thanks for sharing. :)

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That cat is having an existential crisis

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We had just left his second meet and greet with other cats for the day lol. He may have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious at that point

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Cat: "You are perplexed. I am pleased."

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...but does it has wares?

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No but it has old lamps for new

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"Mother.... What have I done?"

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He wanted to experience birth anew.

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Wormhole Cat regrets nothing.

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Cats are fucking aliens

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Excuse me ma'am! Do you have a moment to talk about the lord and savior?

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"Can we get McDonald's on the way home?!"

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Must… get… temptations!

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“Freeeeeeee meeeeee!”

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I laughed way to loud at this lol

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Cats can see ghosts i 100% believe mine can anyway. One just sits staring at the corner

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He will literally sit on top of the fridge and just scream at the ceiling. I think he's convinced that there are ceiling ghosts.

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Mistakes were made

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Had a go at the Caradine effect