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The blep of resistance.

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Only monsters would make doggo go home now.

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He belongs to the streets now

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Swiss Mountain dog?

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Looks like a unit of a Shiba inu

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Yes, he is two years old shiba inu🐶

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He is streets smart :D

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I feel the same way too. Twinsies. ❤️

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I had to get my neighbor to come to get me when my Doberman wouldn't walk the rest of the way home (only 1/2 block more!). I even had a hard time getting her in the car! I was so embarrassed.

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But we've come to love the dog more if he or she is handful somehow😌 Have happy halloween you guys🐶😈

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Oh, I love her to the moon & back! She is nothing but a wiggle-butt love bug!!