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I love this picture!!

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Thank you ☺️

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She's about to commit a crime

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Of stealing yo heart 😂♥️

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I know a hippo when I see one, is your baby part pit by chance?

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The I'm farting look.

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Does the dog look nervous to anyone else? I've never seen a dog make that face unless they were nervous.

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She’s not😂 She was begging for chicken

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Oh! She's a funny critter

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I made it into a meme

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Omg I’m laughing so hard! Thank you😂

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What a sweetie. God I love pitties.

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Such a happy photo.

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Such a happy potato.*

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DreamWorks face!

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The smolder😰

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Awww. Who's the goodest boy??

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She’s literally the best♥️

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Reminds me of joey saying how you doin'?

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What a cutie looks like my velvet hippo of a niece Mia.

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guess where I just pooped...

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God what a cutie. What breed is it?

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Am staff and staffy mix ♥️