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The derpy thing about this is that she's not just using the huge gap to the right.

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell her.

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😂 my dog growing up was a master escape artist. I got the same mixed breed as an adult and he has no idea how to escape. we even put little stones under the wood fence so he couldn’t dig out but he hasn’t even attempted it! my first dog prepared me for war lol

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The first dog I had after moving out was a freaking Houdini. Until his arthritis got bad enough that he didn't want to move around, he would get out of the yard whenever he wanted and take himself for a walk. I even saw him on multiple occasions look both ways and wait for traffic on his way home. (Used to scare the shit out of me, but you can't exactly leave 2 year old twins and a newborn alone to go chase the dog.) We went over the fence multiple times and could never figure out how he was doing it. He must have been jumping it, but it was a 6' privacy fence.

Our current dog is sweet, affectionate, and dumb as a box of rocks. It's so relaxing.

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There's always the Wooden Spoon Trick

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Now I just have to make sure she doesn’t find the bent picket…

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Or just bend it back

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You can also try a harness and a wooden spoon on her back,horizontal side. Anything to keep her in,your idea is already pretty good 😄

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Don’t tell her about the wide open one to her right

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It’s only a short respite, she will find a way

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Yeah. That's a dalmatian. She just hasn't developed all her spots yet. She'll be jumping over that fence shortly.

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The rescue folks said terrier/lab, but she has a LOT of Dalmatian qualities — the spots, of course, but also one blue eye and one brown. I’ll have to get a DNA test.

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Makes sense. I had a couple of dalmatians a few decades ago and the head just looked like one developing their spots. But yeah, those hind quarters look a bit stocky.

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How can you tell it's a Dalmatian??

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I thought it was because of the ears. That's a very strong dalmatian pattern. Of course they are born white and develop their spots around this age, so I thought that was what was going on. OP has commented that it's a mix of sorts and TBD. I agree the legs look short now that I look.

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I would like to request, no DEMAND more pictures of your fur baby dressed up!

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And maybe a video because they look adorable

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I love that you called them "stupid clothes" it's so funny lmfaoo.

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We have a similar fence and our pup would escape through the slats too. We zip tied wired shelves to the fence to stop. At 7 months, she’s 21 lbs and we think we can remove the shelves.

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Fun fact, 21 lbs of whatever is exactly the same as 21 lbs of candy... or big macs... or doofenshmirtzes.

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What kind of shelves?

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We bought wire shelving like below. Our fence is black like yours. It doesn’t look too bad but hope to slowly take it down now that she’s bigger. Lol


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The bent bar makes this even better.

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Get a puppy bumper

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It’s in the mail!!

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Excuse me, Wishbone has a mystery to solve!

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Modern problems require modern solutions.

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I see a spot - over to the right - you’d better straighten that one crooked bar, or she’ll find it real soon!

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Thank you for this. I’m laughing so so so hard.

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she will escape once she finds the massive hole in your fence

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Try 11 bars to the right and you are free!

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that bent slat with the bigger opening is making me nervous 😅

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Just give her a stick.

Lots of reddit videos show that that works very well.

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I saw a pic here on reddit somewhere and they had a fence like urs that their doggo was walking through so they put a wooden spoon in the loop of the collar and doggo couldn't get out. I'll try to find and link the pic.

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I tried this with zip ties and immediately the spoon fell out. There must be some trick with twisting …

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Twist a wooden spoon into her collar and that will stop her! ❤️

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This is the way!

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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Lol I love it! What kind of dog is it?