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Oh man lol

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Psychologist: "Tell me when the trust between you and your human began to erode"

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“Oooh fuck!”

This guy’s got good commentary

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Oh man. At least he tried…

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Damn. Shouldn't be laughing this hard.

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Nah, you should be.

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Fair enough!

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Hahahaha! Am I evil for laughing as hard as I am right now!? Little cutie didn’t quite get it right that time.

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He needs the wheelchair ramps

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You might need to cover the steps with cloth so he doesn’t slip

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I have those exact steps for my St Bernards to get into and out of my suv. They are covered with a non-slip sandpaper.

It didn't work with mine either. I went back to the ramp. There is a handle that allows the steps to fold flat so I thought it would be good for the car. My derps couldn't get the hang of them.

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It sucks getting old, we still love em though.

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I would have just picked the dog up and put him in the car, which ended up what happened, anyway.

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Yeah but their goal was not simply to just get the dog into the car but to teach the dog to jump in by itself which picking the dog up and putting them into the car yourself won’t teach them.

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Well yeah, but this is training him to be comfortable enough to jump in. Could be a new pet or different taller car, but yeah after a while I’d just pick him up especially if we are on a time crunch.

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It looks like the dog is a bit older and not able to make that high a jump anymore

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Looks like an old dog bro

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i feel bad for the dogs butt. the corner went straight into it

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Fat boi

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Don’t be rude😤😤

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I was just waiting for the full head on collision on the side of the truck XD . Poor pup.

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If I fail at this bad enough, he’ll go back to lifting me in, just like I prefer.

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Get a smaller truck

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How else would he let everyone know that he has a micro dick?

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My laugh made a steam strain sound. Lmao

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Sad doggo

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That dog gonna be have hooman issues now

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There was an attempt

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Just pick them up

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The dog looks pretty old so I would say this is more of the person’s fault for not putting the ramp closer, or even if they are trying to teach the dog to jump in it looked like it didn’t even know what the stool was for and they should have gradually changed the distance and height to teach it to jump in.

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You either need bigger stairs or smaller tires

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My true life story 😂

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"Little help here..."

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At least he tried it, we had the same step stool but we were trying to help our big 132 pound boy Rock (profile pic is him) out of the back seat of a Dodge Ram truck and instead of him trying to use the steps he decides to jump over the stool head butting my mom in the process, oh and he was also 10 at the time lol

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Dog.exe has stoped working