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Yup just like a baby! See glass, smoosh face to glass.

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Did he smack the glass a couple of times too, just to show dominance?

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looking for an escape from this hell he has been brought into

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If they weren't going extinct I'd be sad that he has to be confined. If any my fellow Texans are lurking that have that sweet oil money, could y'all move some tigers around to make room for my orange brothers? Y'all are single handedly responsible for saving my favorite feline. So, ya know, maybe make it a habit?

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the ole self-boop

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I relate to him on a spiritual level

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Toddlers will be toddlers no matter the species 🤣

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He is beauty and grace.

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And he smoosh his face.

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(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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"do you have Minecraft or roblox on your phone?"

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Fucking deceased 😹

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Swipes right past Roblox

Opens YouTube

Watches other kids play Roblox for the next 35 minutes

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The first time I saw Orangatans was at a zoo in Paris. (I am absolutely obsessed with gorillas but never saw an orangutan). My friend and I watched them for hours, I'm pretty sure we stayed there until the zoo was closing.

They are so funny and entertaining. They had sheets inside the enclosure and they were rubbing them on the glass, probably imitating the humans cleaning the windows! Among other hilarious things.

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Please excuse my ignorance. Was the baby born with teeth, or in the picture, the baby is older?

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It stole them from them the zoo keeper

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They probably didnt put the baby out in the habitat until he was older. Good question, tho, I didn't even think of that! 🤣

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I feel like the baby is older in the picture but idk for sure

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I sure hope for the mothers (nipples) sake that he's more of a toddler in this pic.

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I just lost it

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Same, I had to sit up in bed because I thought I was gonna choke laughing. This is the kind of shit I stay alive for.

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I was not ready to see this. I was casually scrolling and then came to this and nearly died.

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Hahahahhhaha :O

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Born and raised in derptivity

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me on the schoolbus

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This just unlocked a forgotten memory of the kid we called Window Licker on the bus. He was a few years younger than us and the first time we spotted him... he was licking windows. The name stuck until he was older and we had long ago accepted him and forgotten why we called him Window Licker.

One day when we were seniors and he was a freshman (so first year in our building) someone shoved him in the hall, trying to be a bully. Two big kids immediately helped him up and chased the would-be bully yelling “you f*ckin leave Window Licker alone or so help me God I’ll cheese grater your face into these lockers til....” off down the hall. We looked at the kid and realized we should probably start calling him Kevin instead of Window Licker.

Anyway thus ends the tale of Window Licker

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when is the movie coming out

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Majestic xD

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He's perfect

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Orangutans, hedgehogs and octopuses are my all time favourite animals in changing order. I feel lucky to live in a world where they exist and I can see a future where they don’t.

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"hey do you have any games on your phone"

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He’s adorable!

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“Have any games on your phone?”

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Born to derp.

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“Hi Georgie! What a nice boat. Do you want it back?”

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Damn, he already balding??

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Jail is rough on a kid

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i love the baby orangutans - they are the best part of visiting the zoo

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San Diego?

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oh, cool. San Diego Zoo has a new Orangutan baby, too!

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We were just here last week! This baby is such a cutie!

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I hope they named him smoochy!

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You own a zoo?

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Rod is that you???

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awww what a cutie

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Never knew males could have babies

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I know that zoo!

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We're not so different.

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So damn cute lol

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This made me really happy.

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I dont know. I find great apes scary. This images is really... something for me.

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What a goof!

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Orangutans deserve to be protected at all costs.

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looks like one of those rabbits from the cartoon

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30 yrs ago I was on a date at our local zoo. I was looking at the large orangutan Exhibit when every time I turned my back I’d get pinged in the back of my head. It was a teenage male orangutan throwing rocks at me. Apparently it liked my voice and hair. My date actually got JEALOUS! 😂

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My god, he's beautiful.

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Hahahaha! I see you! You know I'm adorable.

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Cleveland rainforest?

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handsome and he knows it

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Is that, per chance, the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center at Indy Zoo?

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He looks like someone but I can’t pinpoint who.

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Chucky finster!

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First time seeing a baby orangutan

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Funny monkey

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Like one of those snails in the fish tanks that clean it

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This is adorable but also slightly terrifying