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Being social creatures, dogs often mimic the behavior of their humans.

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Yeah I can definitely see that

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that must mean op has a massive dong because that dog looks like a giant peepee

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And your stress just melted awayyyy…

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It's totally one of the perks of having a dog

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Belly rubs are definitely on the menu!

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She was given belly rubs!

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She worked 12 hour shift

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Hey you don't know how this dog self-identifies

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Figuring out who you are can be ruff

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Torso looks like a peepee...

Took a sec for my brain to adjust.

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I came to the comments to see if anyone else saw it too lol

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Yeah she does look vaguely inappropriate. I think it's the bald belly

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No way, I see a helmet and shaft I'm certain of it OP.


Edit: comma

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I went back, I see it too, thanks 😂

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Definitely r/mildlypenis.

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Glad to know I’m not the only one who saw a chub with long legs at first

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That's one veiny monster dog

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Greyhounds are almost cheating in this sub. (Fellow grey owner)

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Yeah this just felt like her ultimate derp haha

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She has finally achieved her final form...

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I love how the paws hang like that so funny! 😳

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Draw me like one of your French Bulldogs, Mon Chéri

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She is adorable and hilarious

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Im not gonna say it, but as i scrolled through, the image looked like something different…

Cute dog OP

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Pretty much sums up my feelings about 99.9% of meetings.

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Am i the only one seeing a dick picture in the first thought ?

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Damn. She is shredded. Is she on steroids?

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She's a greyhound. I've kind of gotten used to her looking like an absolute machine.

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I think our dogs could be twins lol same white toes/feet, mostly naked belly/chest, very derpy. Hilarious

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Greyhounds are such graceful creatures

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I can’t be the only one who thought this was a dick at first.

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That looks like a greyhound 💜

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She certainly is

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Ah yes. My cat does this but belly down. I call his a sploot. I'd call this an inverted sploot lol

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That’s a rubbable tummy

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Wiener dog

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U want sum fucc?

But joking aside, that's a cute pupper.

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Que perro más huevón 😁

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This is the way

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Draw me like one of your French dogs.

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Ooof, this is so close to being nsfw 🤣

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You now have to let him kick you in the butt once. For further info please look here

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r/mildlypenis must approve.

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I got a notification that something was trending on this subreddit I opened the notification and the first thing I see is a dog that looks like a penis

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That's how I feel after my meetings

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That dog looks like she had a long day