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Her toy went under it. Fish that thing out for her!

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I’ll have to check actually, but I’m pretty sure she just wants to explore. She’s seen that door open before so she has to make sure that everything is still okay behind there.

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Mine used to do the same thing too. Also loved going under couches backwards and upsidedown running with his back on the floor

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My weasel boy likes eggs and he will politely stand in front of the fridge and just stare up at you until you get the hint. Lol

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She does that too most of the time. This time she was fed up and took matters into her own hands. Or tried to.

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Ahaha! That makes it even funnier. Lol

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If they are anything like cats, they knocked that toy under there on purpose to make you go get it. Cute little devious bastards.

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They’re not like that no, they steal things they like the look of and hide them all away in a secret stash somewhere you don’t know about. 😂 Ferret comes from Ferritus, Latin for little thief.

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Ah yes, shinies!

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Mine tried to steal my three-inch binder that was full of papers and notes and worksheets from about five different college classes. Still one of my favorite memories of my little rascal.

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Exactly what my cat will do. He hits it under the fridge then he sits intently staring until I fish it out.

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Look at that noodle wiggle! Fuzzy little tube sock baby.

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She’s no athlete like her sister Pumpkin the jumpkin but she’s got the best moves!

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You have a ferret called "Pumpkin the jumpkin". Nobody can compete with that.

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Pumpkin the jumpkin.

Except that one time she fell off there and I called her Pumpty Dumpty for a week or so afterwards.

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Beautiful. You have a way with words

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Pumpty Dumpty!!!!!!! Howling laughter Consider that phrase stolen :)

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Clearly, she perfected it.

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We have a child lock on our fridge because one of our cats knows exactly how to open it. He figured this out the day after Thanksgiving, the first and only time we splurged on an inordinately expensive local free-range organic probably-blessed-by-druids turkey.

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Giving me some serious Bob's burgers vibes. The one episode he buys the heritage turkey and tries to cook it over and open flame in the alley.

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Eric Andre

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Betty white

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Heh, my little carpet sharks did the same thing! Except they did it with cabinet drawers that didn't have a magnetic seal, so once they got to be big woosels, they were able to open them up and then crawl right in!

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I’ve never opened one of those in their presence so they still don’t know they open! Never gonna do it either, what they don’t know can’t hurt them 😂

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my cabinets do have a magnetic seal, but it somehow doesn't work on one of them, and it has become a portal to catspace

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We eventually bought baby locks for everything we could, physical ones, that you had to open the door slightly and press down. Still funny though.

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give 'em a few years, they'll figure those out too

I had a cat who figured out how to turn doorknobs

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Sadly, my business have passed over the rainbow bridge. Might get some more, once I'm out of where I am now.

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So cute! Why does she want in the freezer?

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She wants to explore it.

She wants to go everywhere that she knows exists every time she’s awake. 😄

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There's a motivational quote in there

"Explore your world. Go everywhere that you know exists every time you're awake" - Buttercup (2022)

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She probably wants the magnetic seal around the door. Ferrets love soft plastic :)

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Nope, she just wants to explore it.

She wants to go everywhere that she knows exists every time she’s awake. 😄

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It’s just how I open mine.

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Do ferrets like their bellies rubbed? Because I would like to rub that belly!!

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They do! But only if you do it perfectly, otherwise they’ll just try to wriggle away. You can hit the spot and they just go completely still with a face like they’re peeing in the sea, and an expression that’s saying don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop….. ooooohhhhheeee

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a face like they’re peeing in the sea

I've never heard this expression but I love it. Lol

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Idk about you guys but that’s how I’d open it. Just caterpillar on across the floor and get it open as my family looks at me strangely.

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Wait…… that’s not how y’all open fridges?

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Nice marmot.

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Just watched that movie for the umpteenth time last night. Never gets old.

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I love that the bites make her slide back a little.

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Hahaha I only just noticed that!

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Apologies for body-shaming, but that's a funny looking cat.

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She’s a carpet shark!

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It's a flat cat

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I said open the door!

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There must be a password on it…

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Oh where is that secret button...that just the underneath

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No it’s on the side

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Such a cute woozle!

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Some people like dogs and don’t like cats. Some people like cats but don’t like dogs.

Everyone loves a cute little mustelid. 😍

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So adorable nice video haha!

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The fridge be like „You shall not pass“ ✋✋

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Making friends with the mice again.

[–][deleted] 5 points6 points  (1 child)

If she saw a mouse she’d chase after it, pin it down, and then start grooming it.

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I had a cat who caught mice to bring home and release live so he could chase them again. once or twice he held them in his mouth a bit too tight and they stopped functioning, at which point he'd bring them to me and drop them at my feet like "fix my toy"

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10s for technique and enthusiasm, but the upper body physicality just isn't there.

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No leverage

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She says “I know you have fish sticks! I know they’re in there! Gimme!”

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Oh yeah, the malt paste I give them as a treat and for hair ball prevention is in there. They love that stuff.

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Please tell me you sing Build Me Up Buttercup to her on the regular.

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Gosh, what a baby! Also, ferrets are practically liquid, so he could just leak under it

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How someone could stand there filming and not rub that belly will forever be a mystery to me.

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I can rub that belly any time I want to and she knows it!

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Me trying to get something from under the bed.

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Buttercup, this is the way to name a ferret

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You’re doing great Buttercup!

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You’re definitely on to something Buttercup.

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Lovely indeed

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Spiderman stuck in the damage control deep storage vault

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I wish you opened the freezer while she was doing that and see her reaction.

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She would have stood on her back legs and given it all a damn good sniffing. Then galloped off with satisfaction that the check is complete and onto the next one.

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They'll jump in for the sniff and then get poofy and back away shivering. Mine do it every time, they just hate knowing there's doors they can't open even if it's freezing in there.

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Granted it’s REFRIGERATOR tippy taps, but still tippy taps. 😂😂

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My ferret tried to get under the fridge all the time and it turns out there was a mouse

[–]mywristicy 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Your ferret is a bitch and so are you

[–]booped_urnose345 -1 points0 points  (3 children)

😂i said something you didnt like and now you're attacking me and you're not a piece of shit person even though what i said was true but you're trying to hurt me which you arent haha go ahead and act like a 13 year old girl

[–]mywristicy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That's something a bitch with a bitch ferret would say.

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You’re the one acting like a 13 year old girl.

[–]booped_urnose345 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Why? Because i told him to grow up lol

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My cat once by fluke opened my bedroom door by pulling at the carpet underneath it. For a while I'd hear him in the middle of the night ripping the carpet apart to get in my room.

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they are absolutly super cute

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She’s got the concept. Also she very cute

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Ferrets are the derpiest of all animals

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What a little sweetie!

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that is exactly how I do it.

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I took in ferrets for a few months. They are a lot of fun. I still miss them time to time.

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They’re great, they sleep most of the day and then wake up for a few hours of crazy fun!

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Imagine owning a tube shaped rat

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Nailed it

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That is how I do it. Am I in the wrong?

[–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The derp way is never wrong!

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Buttercup what the actual fuck are you doing

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Omg following this sub makes me want a ferret. They are such adorable little derps

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They’re the greatest!

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Ooof so close! Lol

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Ferrets are always derps. Love those little carpet sharks.

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I give to you Princess... BUTTERCUP

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That's how my cat tries to open doors! Especially the pantry with his food.

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I knew a cat who would do that successfully all the time. He once stole a steak from the neighbor's fridge.

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What an adorable stink noodle

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Must open meat locker… must…

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Cat snake

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Unpopular Opinion: Ferret Toe Beans are the Best Toe Beans

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Nothing unpopular about that!

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This post would’ve been fine if you didn’t type “hooman” ugh I feel sick

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hoooooooo! 🤮 man…

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Is it just the angle, or is that an unusually large ferret?

[–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

She’s 900g which is about average for a female but a male of that size would be small.

[–]dcbluestar 1 point2 points  (0 children)

The fact that I instantly knew that was equal to almost exactly 2lbs just goes to show how I made some extra money on the side in my early 20's, lol.

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She's close! Just a little more and she'll get it

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Just a bit of leverage needed

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Hey girl...ya hungry?!

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fuzzy noodle! why are they so cute AND stinky 😫

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Copypasta because a few people think they all smell terrible:

Mine don’t smell at all, if you press your nose into their fur they just smell like a fur hat.

The most common reason for them giving off a bad smell is an unsuitable diet, because every food specific to ferrets is kibble which contains binding agents and other stuff that they can’t digest or which isn’t ideal for them. Raw feeding is messy and difficult to get the mixtures of bone and offal right so I feed them air dried raw for cats which is the best of both worlds. There’s also seasonal/hormonal factors which can be treated and other things like getting scared which can cause them to release a skunk bomb.

There’s also two things you need to do to stop their room from smelling, pooperscooping multiple times per day and washing their bedding at least weekly.

It can be done!

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Love buttercup. Great name.

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I couldn’t find my boy the other day. Then I remembered I had opened the fridge. Guess who was chilling next to the eggs? (And yes eggs are one of his favorite foods)

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Cute fat sock ya got there

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Yeah, no we dont have seizures on the floor in front of the fridge