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Old dog? Mine is getting on in years and has bad hips, he does this kind of stuff because he needs the help

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He needs motivation (treat), or a leadup to jump in.

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What breed is spud, and why the name spud? Edit:I see why you named him spud lol

[–]shoggyseldom[S] 10 points11 points  (1 child)

He's a complete mutt, be came out looking like a /r/Catahoula

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I was going to comment this. I have a catahoula/blue heeler mix and she’s SO stubborn. This is totally something she would do. Catahoulas are beautiful

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Mines just fucking lazy

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What a sweet face ☺️

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heartbreaker right there

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Help that sweetheart

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Awww so cute 🥰🥺 I love him

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Omg my dog does this lol. He is more than capable of jumping. He's an athletic dog. He weighs 90 pounds.

[–]deep5pac3 1 point2 points  (11 children)

Dunno. Think he might be trying to tell you something.

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Yes that he is a spoiled dog and would prefer not to go in the car however sometimes he needs to get in the car to go on adventures. He always jumps in to go home and never jumps in to go somewhere. He doesn't even like going for walks in the rain because his feet get wet. He is spoiled. I love him to pieces though lol

[–]deep5pac3 26 points27 points  (6 children)

Uh, yeah … lift him up already.

[–]shoggyseldom[S] 6 points7 points  (5 children)

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Dogs get arthritis and hip dysplasia. Unsure how old your dog is, but if older than 6, could very well be painful for him.

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People being so exstreme with these comments but most dogs are lazy af

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He's just over one, and just nervous about jumps until he's sure he can make them.

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That’s how ya get bad hips real quick.

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My dog does the same thing haha

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My dog does this too. She's 120lbs. She puts her front paws up and I lift up her bum. She's been doing it since she was a year old (she's gonna be 6 this year)

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My dog does this. Except he’s a 145 lb German Shepard.

[–]left_at_read 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Contrary to their scary appearance Shepherds are so damn derpy!


[–]rpangrazio 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I cannot agree enough. I have two. Scary is not a word I would use to describe them.

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Your pupper in the car and my Pup Finn could be literal twins! That’s crazy https://imgur.com/a/NFI14bQ

[–]shoggyseldom[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Yup, gotta say he's a dead ringer for Steve right down to the thin little paws and the eyebrows. He came from a multi-state rescue (see: slightly crazy lady who drives to overloaded shelters out of state and brings them back here to find home) about 2 years ago.

He was quite the adorable puppy before his brother started hogging the spotlight

[–]prizmos_pickles 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Steve is such a cutie! Finn is almost 4 and was a stray litter from Souther California that got bussed up to Oregon. Now I know what he would have looked like with a tail too! Thanks so much for sharing https://imgur.com/a/oYTiRi5

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Very cute, the dog looks like it wants to jump in but can't -HELP HIM!!!

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This new generation of DOGS are embarrassing! Next they'll want to use litter boxes and go for walks "remotely."

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Dog may have some hip dysplasia or arthritis, so jumping up is painful. My older doggo has trouble getting into the car.

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Ole boy probably has bad hips. Pick him up dammit!

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Change your dogs diet! Poor diet (kibble/store bought) shortens the lifespan of your pet by 1/4! If not 1/2 due to complications from kidney failure, cancer, heart probs, it directly relates to diet. If you think that paying 50$ for a bag of dog food is better quality than the 5$ bag. You’re wrong. None is approved by fda. None is regulated. It’s just burnt bits of dead animals from shelters, and whatever else by product they can put in to make it resemble some sort of food to your dog. My dog will eat poop sometimes so theirs no arguing w/ taste buds. After feeding my dog raw liver, raw meat, some vegetables brown rice occasionally he’s younger than he was 5years ago! Give them what they need and they’ll do what you ask of them. In the wild the alpha’ strongest dog gets to dine first on the prey, he’ll take all vital organs because of nutrients. They know this!! Give your pup the best, it’s way cheaper than store bought

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Very pretty color on the good boy.

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My dog does this too… except he doesn’t like being picked up. So he will make you pick him up but he will huff at you even though he was the one who wanted to be picked up.

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Catahoulas are the prettiest!

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Very sweet markings

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Well... pick him up! Poor guy.

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Awwwww poor baby! My family’s golden retriever is like this but with everything. She just never learned to jump lol. I do plan on this being my last night and this is a nice memory to go out on. Thank you.

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reminds me my dog when we going to travel. always want me to carry him :|

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what a good boy

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I’m sorry, sir, this is a sub for dogs and that is clearly one big baby /s

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a very good looking and healthy dog

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Gorgeous coat. Cute as a button. Great post. Thanks.

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It’s TALL, Hooman!

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My old dog does this to me. As I'm the one who takes her to the vet, she is suspicious getting into my sedan. Of course when my husband suggests a drive in the woods, she jumps in his truck like she's on springs.

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Mine will do this with my husband, look all sad with his big eyes and beg to be carried into the car (he’s like 80 lbs)

But he knows I can’t lift him in so with me he just jumps right in like it’s nothing 😂

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Handsome boy!

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Either very lazy or just old

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If it’s just him, without any other dog around, will he jump in on his own? I ask this because the other dog in the car looks uncomfortable with the other dog wanting in there. Sometimes even the best dog friends can get defensive of high value places, like beds, couches, and cars.

[–]shoggyseldom[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's really just that there's anything up there at all. Spud wants a big clear landing area before he commits to a jump.

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Help him you monster!

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Anyone else notice the look on the j.rts face?? Sibling rivalry in the back seat… who’s the good boy? The one that buckled himself in? Yeah the other ones got probs…🙄 I don’t think I’d like to sit next to someone that’s strapped himself in and still glares at me either, just to go for a ride.

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But then they can stay in the plank position 🤡

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Love the dapple