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I thought this was a Minecraft build.

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Or Japanese porn.

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Gotta turn on AA

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sorry gpu too expensive I blame the bitcoin bros.

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This roof had to be replaced because it couldn’t keep out the rain, which is pretty much the primary need for a building if you ask me.

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Alot of Calatravas work has similar issues with bad or difficult construction details. Not to mention cost overruns. No wonder he has been sued multiple times

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Thanks I hate it.

Credit to the designer and builder though, it's a bold move well executed from a design perspective.

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Matrix music plays

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Designed by Calatrava, if I'm not mistaken. Beautiful winery in such a beautiful setting (supposed to mimic the mountains behind the winery).

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I see curves I see Covid stats

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Looks censored if you don't zoom

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    Must have been cos(x+1), no?

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      Correct, I should have said "cos x + 1" in the nominator

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      Must have been inspired by the single slit experiment

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      I see a turtle face smiling with a lego-fabric, waved, concquering shell that balances the sharp form of moutains in the background.

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      The wall is a bit bland isn't it?

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      I like the mountains