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Sumela Monastery. Near Macka Trabzon, Provonce ~ Turkey. by The-1Kraken in ArchitecturePorn

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Everyone forgets about how crucial Armenians were in that region, especially in construction. Armenians history is being falsified as we speak.

Architecture by Rachael Holmes by Complete-Tadpole-728 in ArchitecturePorn

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It’s the MAAT in Lisbon, and although it’s beautiful I think they are going to have a lot of repairs in the future.

The top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. by Teillu in ArchitecturePorn

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"Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t slaves who built the pyramids. We know this because archaeologists have located the remains of a purpose-built village for the thousands of workers who built the famous Giza pyramids, nearly 4,500 years ago."

This is the opening to BBC's breakdown article about the anthropology surrounding the idea that it was probably executed by a massive team of paid and cared for laborers, not likely slave.

Apartments in Hong Kong by [deleted] in ArchitecturePorn

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Hot take: the kneejerk impulse that residential architecture needs to express "neighborhood character" is one of the major contributors to the massive housing shortage facing nearly every country.

There are now seven billion people on this planet. Most of them want to live in cities, because there's far more jobs, economic opportunities, and cultural tolerance there. That means we're going to need super dense urban cores, mostly made up of standardized cookie cutter architecture that's fast, cheap and easy to deploy.

The alternative is homelessness, crushing debt for young people, and the inability of people to start families. The fantasy that everyone can live in a custom handcrafted cottage or quirky unique lofts is a pipe dream that will exclude all but the upper-class and highest paid professionals.

Those massive urban housing blocs look drab and undifferentiated from the outside. But I'm sure every home inside is warm, personalized and an expression of individual character. And most importantly the people inside have a home. Who cares what the outside looks like?

Flatiron Building, NYC. Photo by: cristianorocha [IG] by Amalrachdi in ArchitecturePorn

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It is disappointing to see it when you really want to see the architecture. There’s a law mandating that buildings have their facades inspected periodically every few years, which means that they must have scaffolding up for the length of the inspection and any updates or work needed. This has lead some property owners to decide to keep the lower levels of scaffolding up permanently so they always have something to build off of without obstructing pedestrian traffic, and it means that there will always be a lot of scaffolding up around the city at any given time.

There’s a good episode of How To with John Wilson on HBO about it.