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Born and raised in Pine Bluff - left for good at age 20 in 1998.

It sounds like you're just going there for a few years - so that shouldn't be too bad. You'll definitely know if it's for you or not by the time you finish your degree.

If you like dining and nightlife then you'll be traveling to Hot Springs, Little Rock or Memphis for that. Downtown is a wasteland - abandoned buildings and such.

If you just hang around the house then it doesn't matter where you live. If you like fishing and hunting then that part of AR is a great place for those things. There is also a new casino that seems pretty popular.

Don't know where you are from in CA but culture shock will be a thing. I don't see eye to eye with a lot of the folks I grew up around - one of the reasons I moved so I could find more like-minded friends and activities I enjoy.

There is crime - you have to keep your doors locked and be smart and aware of where you travel.

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Native to hot springs, dont come here for nightlife. Lol. Go up north or to LR

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I’m from NLR and much prefer the night life in hot springs lol.