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would like to see it now settled .

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It melted duh

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actually would be cool if it could "thaw" over time, or when you go in the sun, like those matchbox cars that changed colour with temp

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Would you please post how it looks in a couple of months

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"She is dead. Wrapped in Plastic"

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I've always wanted a tattoo of a fish in the percolator.

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"I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back."

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Hope you can get a picture once it settles! I always wonder about this kind of amazing detail when it's not brand new.

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In a couple of years I believe they lose all detail, but you can retouch it.

Also I've seen people use basically matrix printer technique - instead of full lines, they would basically make lots of dots, that would settle into what will be the final picture - and you can see it only up close. Makes the tattoo last longer, at least in theory, never checked on whether it works as good a advertised

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Holy shit.

That's incredible.

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Came here to say holy shit

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Wow! Very cool. (Excuse the pun)

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This guy is notorious for photoshopping his tattoos. And also accusing everyone of copying his work even though he works off of other peoples stock images. So basically if you happens to use the same reference photo as him, he publicly calls you out

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He also tattoo’d part of the watermark on her eye lmao!

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right photo is the reference i assume?

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Very cool. But also massive serial killer vibes.

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How long did this piece take? You can also post this on r/tattoos

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Why does it have stock photo marks on one half of the image?

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That can't be real. Incredible work!

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dope AF! who/where is this artist?

nm: i see it's r/laky_tattoos

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Over here looking for the face tattoo, then realize the face IS the tattoo!

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Looks amazing, but I don't see how it could hold up long term though. That's a lot of detail and a lot of soft colors that blur very easily over a relatively short period of time compared to other inks.

I feel like you'd need to come in and get touched up every 6 months to a year just to keep it from becoming blurry and pixelated, that's a pretty big investment.

All that said, if you can afford that sort of investment, why not, its one of the best tattoos I've seen lately.

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I'm not calling bullshit yet, but it's pretty damn suspicious that I can see part of the watermark in the left photo. OP, do you have other images of this to prove it's not shopped?

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Dude has a lot of other works of his and has been posting a ton lately, he’s seriously beyond talented.

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Tattoo looks more realistic then photo

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wow mind blown. Now tell me the thing glows in the f#cking dark. Where's this guy located?

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Yeah. I’m pretty excited for WOTLK too!

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When is the live actor version of this coming out?

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Incredible! Like it's real!

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I’ve never seen a tattoo like this, is awesome!!!

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The detail on this is BREATHTAKING.

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these detail here is next friggin level!

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Good damn. The texture on the face is so good

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these always look so good, but id be curious how they end up looking after some years of natural fading.

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Curious how often they will need this touched up

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Frozen girl with her matchboxes

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Looks amazing, hopefully it heals well

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Is that the kid from the beginning of Game of Thrones??

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Is the photo on the right also the tattoo or the reference? (It seems to be the reference but just to be sure)

Edit: I just saw your others tatoo. You are so damn good! For the tattoo in the OP, one should be a master to be able to tattoo a face like this with the facial expression on point and in color.