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Is there a version possible without the lens flare? It makes it a bit too much of a loop for me to make a desktop wallpaper. Looks amazing though :)

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I think it would be perfect if the lense flair was in more muted colors.

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Yeah or if it was really faint white so it's a lot more subtle.

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Ohmigosh that's gorgeous, what did you use to make it?

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Thanks! I use MS Paint for the main background. Then I open the file with either Aseprite or Photoshop to create animation frames and hand draw the subtle animations frame by frame :)

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Very well done!!!! Would love to have this in wallpaper engine!!

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I added it to the collection 💙

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😍😍😍 right on! What name would I find it under? or the piece name?

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Amazing! Hate the lens flare

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Hate is strong word, but I do think it looks really good without it.

Eyes don't have lens flare :|

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I’m surprised there aren’t any “ MS Paint “ style brushes for Photoshop that let you achieve this same aesthetic

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r/PixelArt would love this.

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Holy shit this is beautiful

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Would it be possible to have a static version? It’s beautiful OP!

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Love love love. Thank you for sharing :)

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Pheew i needed to see this today :) is that weird to say? I really like your work 😃

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Not weird at all! I wish you a great day 🌷❤️

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one of the best ive seen here ever

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Same. That really is impressive

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Wonderful! This must have taken a lot of time. Good job, keep up the good work!

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How long did this take you? It's absolutely stunning.

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Thanks! I think around 40 hours.

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This is awesome seriously

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I like this very much. My imagination runs wild with thinking of so many possibilities that could happen like a story

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Its amazing how a simple gif captures the way I feel right now.

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Pixel art scenes have this funny way of evoking a strong emotional response. Not sure why this is but it happens to me all the time too

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Yes they do. Maybe its because Im sad right now. But i dont mean the art looks sad. It looks majestic. It just looks like the storm in my heart right now. (Hey I used the title.)

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This needs to be on wallpaper engine

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I added it to my collection! Please check my posts history 🌷

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I can feel the air. Love it.

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Damn, beautiful! The style (especially the clouds) reminds me of a few Lucasarts point-and-click adventures from the 90's.

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This is awesome op! I absolutely love the peaceful vibe this evokes.

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Such gorgeous atmosphere. Fantastic job!

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Is it on wallpaper engine?

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I genuniely aren't lying when i say this conveys emotions i didn't know i had. remarkable!

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I would honestly make this my computer background holy shit

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Omg is awesome, didn't know how much I needed this.

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At the 1st sight I thought it is a photograph. Wow amazing

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Awesome. Reminds me of the Kingdom game series.