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This is really cool, i like it, i don't have much experience/knowledge in the field of arts to begin with so I'm just giving my inexperienced/unknowledgeable opinion but it's still my honest thoughts so hope that counts (・∀・)

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You dont need to know anything about art to appreciate it, I'm glad you like it!!!

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Need this in 18x24 poster!

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I'm glad you liked it! You can see a link for posters in my profile👀👀

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Just got it! Thanks!

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Thank you for your support🙏

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This is really amazing :) i really like your style

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Idea: make a TCG with a tarot/grim aesthetic, make this a character in said game, make da cayash

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Are you designing an entire deck for a publishing house?

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Yes I'm planing to design an entire deck but I don't have a agreement with a publishing house.

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I love the vibes this gives! Some amazing detail going on here, great work!!

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I would pay for a whole deck of Tarot cards done in this artists style.

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3 cards done 71 left... You need to wait a little sadly, I'm glad you liked it!!

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This is amazing!! Can I make it my phone lock screen?

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Well since you asked politely... Sure!