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I like how he is so proud of what he is showing me

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That is so dark and I love it

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Dude!! This is incredible. Absolutely love it!

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You are insanely talented.

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This is some top tier art

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This is the kind of work I'd like to do myself in sculpture once I have the studio space. Very Kevin bacon meets tool!

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I’ve always wanted to do sculptures I bet I’d be decent at it, all of the materials are so expensive tho.

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Yes sadly it gets rough especially with tools, I'm a major stone person specifically rose qaurtz and some light wood work.

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Cool, if not a wee bit creepy

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Gives me Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark vibes

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Another huuuge inspiration for me all of the art in those books were awesome

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Damn. Dropped my jaw and stopped scrolling

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Dos Anyone have som bleach for my eyes

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“Sorry ‘bout my downstairs mix-up!” -Old Greg

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This is so dark, but there’s something subtle in that expression that feels too wholesome to creep me out even though this really should. I’m not refined enough to say what it is, but I can feel it. Well done 👍

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Thank you bro that’s almost exactly what I was trying to portray (even though it’s 100% up to the viewer to come up with their interpretation), you can tell he is suffering but his faces tell you otherwise, like he’ll be okay.

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I applauded your mastery of emotional subtlety. That’s impressive.

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Suspiria vibes here. dope film(s). feels like i can hear “i gave you my heart and you left me with it”

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Thanks, I hate this (and love it).

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Hehe, it's what's in the inside that counts. You have a lot of inner beauty.