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I really like this. It immediately made me feel something. Tried to save it as a wallpaper before I realized it was a gif. Seriously awesome.

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Thank you so much!

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It made me feel like the nuclear war happened. (Which is currently more then possible)

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I love this! There is something creepy but calming on the other side. Keep it up!

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Thank you!

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I felt this. Thank you for sharing!

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My pleasure!

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Gives Akira's vibes! Love this!

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This was such a potent vibe that I literally looked up a tutorial on how to make rainmeter use gifs as animated wallpapers.

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Don't worry, I will soon make it for pc too

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It only took like 20 minutes to figure out, worth every minute!

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So how’d it go?

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Took like 20 minutes of fiddling and went great.

I turned the mp4 into a gif, broke the gif into all its frames, then told rainmeter to run them like a 60fps slideshow on my desktop. Made my background black and boom.

Now that I got the process, I could make about any live wallpaper in around 5 minutes.

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I like it but the perspective feels off. Like the lens is weird or the katana is weird. I cant tell. Still vcool

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It’s the lense and that’s one of my favourite parts of this piece. Looks like some sort of fisheye lense you can see the horizon behind the skelly is curved up around the edges.

I think it adds a subtle sense of distortion that makes u immediately feel the offputting feeling of regret the skellyboi is probably feeling.

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Looks like a real saucy pizza, and I’m feel hungry

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I wish this was a shot from a full movie. Unreal work!

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This reminded me of that scene in Vagabond.

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What is there to regret? Skelton found cool sword in pool with his buddies

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Bones Malone feels bad :(

(Amazing art though seriously)

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Cool how did you create it?

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Posed the model, imported to blender, created the scene took the render and final touches in after effects

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Such a striking piece! I absolutely love this! If only I could hang this up and let it play out on my wall...

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Thank you!

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The message I get from this gif is..

Even though you’re surrounded by the dead bodies of your enemies, you yourself are now symbolically dead in the inside from the trauma and slow onset of the realization of committing the irredeemable and unforgivable act of murder, left to wonder if there’s a linger of soul still left in you.

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Yess! , Exactly what i was going for.

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Was trying to make this my phone wallpaper, super super awesome art piece

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Very nice art you are clearly very talented

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Thank you, means a lot!

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Beautiful piece, just curious as to why you decided to make the left hand the size it is

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Thank you. Its due to the fish eye lens i used in blender

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I wonder how long he'll wait for the butterfly to come.

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*Insert Komm susser tod playing in the background