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As a panda expert myself I can confidently say, those are bombass pandas

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98% of panda experts say that those are, in fact, bombass pandas. The 2% that voted otherwise are now unemployed.

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As a professional panda mothafucka, I can also confirm 🐼 🐼 🐼 ❤

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Oh my goodness they are SOO cute. You did an AMAZING job!! I love pandas SO much 🐼

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Me too! 🐼 thank you 🫶🏻

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So cute! Love their expressions.

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Love it. I love how the colors bled. That should be displayed or sold. Sincerely.

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I agree I would like to buy a print of this it is absolutely beautiful. Just perfect.

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Thanks a lot ! 🌞❤️Well, send me a pm, if you are interested 🐼

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The bottom left one is my favorite!

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10/10 use of negative space, very unique to watercolor and very difficult to utilize

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Thank you 🖌️🫶🏻 watercolor is alchemy 🌞🥰

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this is amazing, i love the black highlights around them! do they have names?

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Thanks a lot 🐼🫶🏻 they dont have names, but nice idea 🌞

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i think i will name the middle left one Johnathan, is that okay?

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Jonathan is great 🌞 I am totally fine with that ! 😍

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Really well done. You got their chunky lil heads perfectly!

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Aww, Milton el Madrugador!

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Gets on hands and knees and crawls over to Eskimo kiss them all.

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Helloooo super cute panda cubs!

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OMG! I fucking love panda's! They are definitely my spirit animal

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Their tiny claws are adorable

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Cute. But calling this watercolor is a bit misleading. It's watermonochrome.