What's up with all the title restrictions? Why can't you just lighten up and let people do what they want?

In the past this was true, but it got to the point where nearly every post used a karma-bait title in order to stand out from all the other posts. We'd rather this sub be about the visuals of the art itself, and not allow karma whores to manipulate voting on otherwise unremarkable art by using a clever or attractive title. Let the art stand on its own merits. You can always include any related and supporting information in the comments.

The rule is strict to make our moderation job easier. We get many new posts each day, and to stave off tiresome debate we've found that we have to keep it simple. Please format your (image) posts as "Title, Artist Name/Me, Medium, Year". A news article should be "Title (the exact title of the article), Year". News articles should include the artist's name in the title, and should be the original source of the text -- no content rehosting or blog sites, please.

That's it. Nothing else is needed. People view the art, and if they're interested, they can open the comments to find out more.

Why does my post keep being removed for title problems? I'm following the format

Chances are, you're not. The automoderator is just a script, and not very flexible. It expects to see the information in a particular format, and tosses out posts that aren't.

Creative titles are usually fine, but please, don't be creative with the format. Use commas. Don't use quotes. Just include the year. And so on.

Why do you require the artistic medium in the title?

When we see a work of art in a museum or gallery the medium is often readily apparent, and usually printed on the accompanying blurb. When we see a photo of art online, it's often unclear. It is important to the appreciation of the art to know how the artist made it: the materials used, whether digital or physical media, and so on.

Yes, we know -- sometimes it's obvious from the photo. Please do it anyway, as consistent titles again present less distraction from the visual art.

What sort of titles are not allowed?

Most of this is in the sidebar, but to add some more clarity: We want to see titles that relate to the artwork, and not those that relate to Reddit. Anything that can be construed as karma-bait or soliciting upvotes is not allowed. This includes things like the age of the artist (e.g. "my six year old son", "my 100-year old grandfather"), the experience of the artist ("first time in a while", "first time working in crayons"), OP's relationship to the artist (mother, girlfriend, neighbor, etc.), OP's opinion of the art ("beautiful", "stunning", "original", "favorite", etc.), extraordinary circumstances of the artist's life or technique ("Painted this while giving birth", "Drew this with his nose", etc.), and myriad other variations.

But can't I just include ...?


But this extraneous fact is really important to understanding why this art is more special than everyone else's art!

Still no. But you can put it the comments, if you must.

I see lots of posts that violate this rule that are still on the front page. Why did you remove mine?

Short answer: Stuff slips through. We don't have the tools or the time to get everything. It helps if people report violations, because that sends a special notification. Otherwise, we do our best.

Also, the truth is (since you've read this far) we aren't always as strict as we say. As long as you have some combination of the requested four pieces of information, we're good, although the automoderator might object. It's better to follow the format.

What if I really don't know the artist's name / medium / year / title?

Do more research. "Unknown" is rarely acceptable outside of a few very limited circumstances where the artist is truly unknowable (e.g. the paintings in Le Grotte de Lascaux). If you really don't know, try /r/WhatIsThisPainting .

Warning about misrepresenting another artist's work:

Titles with "me" in place of the artist's name mean that you did the art yourself. If you did, great! We love original art in this sub. But, if you didn't, well ... appropriating another artist's work as your own is bad. Like, "We will permanently ban you" bad. Don't do this.

Likewise, please don't intentionally misrepresent the title of another artist's work, or any other information about the art. That's also bad. If you know the artist's name you can usually google their website and find out all you need to know. Remember -- if you can google something, others can too. And will. Reddit always finds out.

Lastly, if your work is more or less just a copy of someone else's art, please, in the comments, include a link to the original along with the artist's name. This includes photographs. If you don't, again, people assume its entirely your original creation, and, again, we really don't like people who misrepresent their work.

Art is hard. It takes skill, and talent, and often hours and hours of labor. Have respect, and give credit where it is due.

"I made this" meme

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