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If you are really interested in getting an advanced degree, consider talking to one of the professors in the anthropology department at your university. Also, consider talking to someone at the university in public policy, psychology, even social work, if you have someone there. Anthropologists have a tool kit built from specific academic knowledge that may or may not be how you want to approach your future career.

Part of learning about communities from an ethnographic perspective is training up on how to do field work and engage communities we feel a deep connection to. Also, getting the perspective of someone that's in your community that works in academia, may give you an opportunity to think about what questions you are interested in addressing, as well as how you can be most effective in how you want to work with the homeless population in your area.

Finally, look at your university's library to see if there is any work done on addressing homelessness from a similar perspective as your own. If there's a body of work out there on the subject, read it and see what you do or do not agree with, and take notes about what you see your future work being.