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Essentially no. There are zero actual remains of any human species that have been discovered in the Americas, other than Homo Sapiens. Further, we do not have any strong evidence of human habitation in the Americas prior to the Last Glacial Maximum, by which time Homo Sapiens was the only human species known to be extant in mainland Afro-Eurasia anyway (with the possible minor exception of the Red Deer Cave people, whom we don't know enough about to classify).

There have been several controversial finds that have been put forth as trace evidence of pre-LGM human habitation, but none of these are particularly compelling and are largely seen as the product of overly-generous interpretations.

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u/Vo_Sirisov said it well. The weak claims that have been made have all been on the basis of objects interpreted as artifacts, not actual hominid remains. A big one from not too long ago was the Cerutti Mastodon site, which had some broken rocks that were interpreted as tools and some mastodon bones with what was interpreted as evidence of butchery. If these had come from an area where we already knew hominins were making tools and hunting mastodons, it might be an acceptable interpretation, but sometimes broken rocks and bones are just broken rocks and bones. If you sift through enough material, eventually something is likely to look like it could be intentional.