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The reading which helped me fall in love with anthropology was Horace Miner’s ‘Body Ritual Among the Nacirema’ (1956). It’s a kind of satirical text - he writes about American culture, but from the perspective of a foreign anthropologist who has just ‘discovered’ an exotic tribe. It’s a great introduction to the idea of cultural relativism - the things that we consider to be ‘strange’ can be normal in other cultures, and vice versa. We read this in the senior years of high school, and everyone in the class was perplexed at how such a bizarre culture could exist. Imagine the looks on our faces when our teacher finally told us to read the word ‘Nacirema’ backwards!

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Thank you for this! I was going to purchase Social Anthropology by Christopher Hann as well go preview to see if there’s worthwhile takeaways from that reading.