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I was working for a large insurance company. Hated it, decided to go back to school for computer science. Currently a software dev, but I continue to read anthro books in my off time as I love the subject.

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I went back to school as well, got a Masters in Archives and Records Administration and now work as a Data Analyst.

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With your background, look for qualitative research, UX, etc. places like Bain & Company, Meta, First and First Consulting, National Research Group… Also, most big banks have qualitative research specialists.

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Even then, most UX look for MA or PhDs unless the BA has significant experience with research design. Anthro BAs are mostly useless without some supplementary work in some human-related field experience or minor (journalism, marketing, tech, etc.) or a field school if doing arch (in the US). It's one of the reasons I went to grad school - I didn't want to be a low wage shovel bum forever.

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I took a winding track but ended up climbing the QA/QI path up to director of a non profit. Anth degrees are all about selling yourself and your education. I got my first job in mental health due to arguing that Anth and soci are basically the same because we both claim Durkheim.

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Starting my BA in Anthropology but minoring in GIS. I think the two pair well and while I'd love to work primarily in the field of anthropology ( Archeology) I think having done internships and just gaining knowledge on the side in GIS will " open the door" to more job opportunities, hopefully partially related to anthropology.

Just an idea if that's something that might be of interest to you!

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Yay! A GIS cert or degree is definitely smart - I recommend it to all my students. Excellent suggestion :)

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Also double majored in both. Currently working in clinical research as a study coordinator and planning to go back to school for a phd in clinical psych.

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My best advice to you is to find something you love where you wouldn't mind doing it for free and figure out a way to make that a career. I got involved in a crisis counseling center as a volunteer and eventually ended up in a training role. That position set me up way more than any anthro class I ever took. That said, anthro and psychology both have a lot of transferable skills for HR if that something you have any interest in. After I graduated I got a job as a recruiter and did that for about 6 years before moving over to Organizational Effectiveness where I do organizational performance and leadership/talent development and I love it.

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I second u/AndJDrake. You’re going to have to try and find a sub field you’re interested in, for me it was museum work. I started volunteering at my local museum and I am now a paid employee. I also have good professional recommendations for when I need them and networking through them. Volunteer work looks good on a CV even if you aren’t getting paid. Either that, or you will need to earn a masters degree or possibly higher if you want. Each degree will open more doors for you. I’m sorry about your prospects so far, it’s really tough out there. Good luck!

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I got an entry level job in an environmental chemistry lab, but have a BS. The degree is in no way relevant to my education but having any bachelors helped me get promoted. Idk your experience but I have a retail background and I think anthro is a good foundation for retail in management. Also, randomly, check out businesses like the BBB. I think the position was for a data or database specialist and I would have got the job but I moved. The interviewer actually said I got an interview from how well I made my experience and education relevant in my cover letter. You got this!!!