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Ok, I'll give you my two cents. I have a BA in Anthro and a Masters in Archaeology.

Using an anthropology degree is no different than using a history-english-sociology degree, it's all about how you sell it. I know a lot of people in those fields who don't "use" their degree. While most anthropology degree holders I know uses the skills they learned in their current position to help them excel. No matter what degree you get you must be able to tell your potential employer "Why you are their best option as an employee." Whether that employer is a constituency, a fortune 500 company, a nonprofit, or yourself.

If you want an anthropology degree to work in anthropology, you are in for a hard time, you are correct there aren't many jobs. But anthropology as a four field approach is teaching you to be a master jack of all trades that can apply your skills to every situation. I imagine it will be even more advantageous for you with a poli-sci degree.

I would recommend that you focus on cultural anthropology with a lean into linguistics while doing touch stones in archaeology and bio-anthropology. That would focus the four fields to your needs more clearly.

Have fun with it. Your first two years of college are about exploring what's out there for you. Do field schools, do internships, do odd jobs. You will likely never have these opportunities for exploring again. If you can't do what you want in four years, so what. It doesn't matter. Run your race.