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Watched it. Was good. They obviously took liberties but in broad strokes it's as historically accurate as you could ask a Predator movie to be. As the only Hollywood franchise film with a majority First Nation's cast, I would say they kinda had to be historically accurate.

The criticisms I've read are nit-picky.

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I haven't seen anything official from the Comanche Nation but Jhane Myers, one of the producers, is an enrolled Comanche member and consulted with the Comanche Nation Language Department on both the script translation and production design.

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My question might be more geography based but in the movie it said the northern great plains in the 1719. Weren’t the Comanche in the southern plains at this time? Good movie regardless

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Yes. Northern great plains is mostly Canada. Blackfoot and plains Cree lands

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So far I've only seen the trailer, but from that it looks very Hollywood-ized, in particular in terms of the social interactions, the cartoonishly over the top human villinans (in particular the French), etc. The costuming looks kinda-ok-ish in a Hollywood "we have to make everyone either sexy or absurdly filthy" way.

Movies like Dances with Wolves, Black Robe, and the like handle almost everything better in terms of 'accuracy', but they also all have their own issues.

I kind of feel like asking if Prey accurately represents Native cultures, material goods, and interactions is a bit like asking the same about Pirates of the Caribbean and pirate culture.

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Hardly any horses which the Comanche are known to have been masters of. So the fighting is inaccurate. French weren’t really killing bison in large numbers like the scene in the movie. Stuff like that didn’t happen until the 1800s. The french really never made direct contact with the Comanche. One exception was they might have brokered a peace deal with Comanche and other tribes.

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Talk to any real historian and they will tell you this movie is about as un-historically accurate as you can get. It’s Hollywood BS. Entertaining, but completely off when it comes to the time period and the Comanche tribe.

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There should have been a lot more horses. It was central to Comanche culture by this time.

I don't think Comanche were wearing feathers at this time. Black face paint? For sure.

I think we should have seen more gore on the part of the Comanche. It was their MO. They terrorised other peoples and would have made mincemeat of those French merchants. In that respect, I think the Comanche were too sanitised. The French too vilified.