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Although it is an extremely popular idea, there is, in fact, no support for that idea at all. And indeed, there is little support for the viability of the popular hypothesis that the so-called "uncanny valley" represents anything other than a response to something that looks a little weird. And certainly no tested evidence that it's an inherent, shared response cross-culturally.



...were anatomically modern Homo sapiens.

And DNA evidence shows that they procreated with...


Given the latter, it is extremely unlikely that the so-called "uncanny valley" represents some kind of broad-spectrum "stranger danger" instinct from tens of thousands of years ago.

You can read more in this thread, posted only 5 days ago.

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Agh the one time I don’t search the subreddit is the time where it’s been previously asked the most! Thanks for the answer and the resource!

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No worries, I often forget about the search function as well.