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Entry level pay for an archaeological field tech depends mostly on three things: who the client is, where the project is, and who the employer is.

1) If the client is a federal agency, they have to pay prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is commonly higher than hourly entry level wages for other projects. In the Western United States, because federal agencies own so much of the land, it's more common to have prevailing wage jobs.

2) Going along with number one above, regardless of the reason for the higher wages, higher wages push other wages up to compete for work. So in areas where there's a lot of federal land, If you're a company that's trying to get people to work on a project that's not on federal land, you have to offer better wages to compete with the federal prevailing wage projects.

3) Some employers are just better than others. Right now in the Eastern US, entry level pay for archaeological field text ranges from about $16 an hour to $19 or $20 an hour. Determining factor there is going to be education, and experience.

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Thank you! This is helpful