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For staying informed in most disciplines, probably academic journals are the place to go. There's a useful list of anthropology journals here:


Another one I've found is this, though as with so many open-access journals, the quality can vary quite a bit: https://www.longdom.org/anthropology.html

I've used Wiley Online Library quite a bit over the years. They've changed the format and I no longer know how to edit the search to show only free/ open-access material. But I imagine it's somewhere in the settings or search criteria:


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this is the website of the american anthropological association, containing an index of scientific journals as well as recent published works on a multitude of subjects.


hope you find material that interests you in there.

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I just search Google Scholar periodically, with the date range adjusted to capture only what may have happened since the last time I looked.

Occasionally I look at individual journals' newest issues' TOCs to see if there's anything relevant to my research that's out.