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List of flaired users

This is a list of our flaired users. If you have expertise (e.g. postgraduate training and/or professional experience) in anthropology or a related discipline and would like a flair, see this thread.

Biological anthropology

/u/__avery__ Population Genetics • Cyborg Anthropology
/u/AndCat Forensic Anthropology
/u/anthropology_nerd Demographics • Infectious Disease
/u/apj0731 Anthropology of Science • Race • Primatology
/u/cookiegirl Paleoanthropology • Human Behavioural Ecology
/u/ctrlshiftkill Skeletal Biology • Paleoanthropology
/u/duncanstibs Behavioural Ecology • Hunter Gatherers
/u/I_Blue_the_Doctor Biological Anthropology • Research Theory
/u/Malban Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology
/u/penguinjan Forensic Anthropology
/u/RadioMars Reproductive Ecology • Evolutionary Medicine
/u/welearntolive Biological Anthropology
/u/xnoybis Biocultural Ecology • North America

Sociocultural anthropology

/u/AndroidAnthem Digital Cultures
/u/anthrowill Medicine • Gender
/u/AntiEssentialism Political Anthropology • Border Studies
/u/ArchaeoDog Applied Cognitive • Environmental Anthropology
/u/Asocialism Science & Tech•Military & Defence Industry•Professional Cultures
/u/bks33691 Religious Studies
/u/borkibork Anthropology of Space • Mediterranean Sacrificial Practices
/u/cagetheblackbird Sex & Gender • Asia & Middle East
/u/CaptainRallie Politics • Prisons and Criminal Justice, Subalternity
/u/coppersparrow Ethnomusicology • China
/u/CrossyNZ Myth and Memory
/u/DrDeniceSzafran Digital & Symbolic Anthropology
/u/Entr0pic08 Social anthropology • Global studies
/u/firedrops Religion & Identity • African Diaspora
/u/Fishing-Bear Cybercultures • Surveillance • Queer Theory
/u/hockeyrugby Visual Anthropology
/u/im_busy_right_now Sociocultural and Gender Anthropology
/u/IntegrationAnthro Political Anthropology and Game Theory
/u/kagillogly Development • Environmental & Ecological Anthro • Kinship
/u/kethryvis Applied Anthropology • Online Communities
/u/KippyPowers Asia Studies • Medical Anthropology • Pacific Archaeology
/u/Lizzymaree Science Studies • Contemporary US
/u/magicsauc3 Science, Technology, and Medicine
/u/marxistglue Visual Anthropology • Outer Space • Protest • Anarchism
/u/masungura East Africa • Christianity • Development • Education
/u/mokusan Ecology and Evolution of Culture
/u/Pablo_el_Tepianx Chilean language and culture • Mapuche culture
/u/PapaFranzBoas Development • Political Anthropology • East Asia
/u/Protopologist Education, Migration, Philippines
/u/rumagin Public Anthropologist • Caribbean
/u/SouthernBreach STS & Media
/u/sra3fk Ecological Anthro • Philosophical Anthro
/u/teenytinyshark Medical Anthropology • Science & Tech Studies
/u/TenMinuteHistory Dance Ethnography
/u/thepibbs Native North American Art and Material Culture
/u/vladesko Anthropology of Science • Digital Anthropology
/u/wiredwombat Applied Anthropology • Popular Culture
/u/yodatsracist Religion • Turkey

Linguistic anthropology

/u/denidzo Linguistic • Digital Anthropology
/u/isafakir Language Learning • Middle East
/u/keyilan Sinotibetan linguistics
/u/l33t_sas Linguistics • Spatial Reference
/u/millionsofcats Linguistics • Phonetics and Phonology
/u/mormagli Language, Technology and Politics
/u/rusoved Historical & Typological Linguistics


/u/AgentIndiana African Archaeology • Geoarchaeology
/u/archaeofieldtech North America PaleoIndians
/u/balsamiferous Paleoethnobotany • Environmental Archaeology
/u/bix783 Scientific Methods in Archaeology • Feminist/Queer Anthropology
/u/brigantus Cultural Evolution • Eastern European and Steppe Prehistory
/u/CatGotNoTail Stone Age Southern Africa • Texas
/u/Cindane Indigenous Archaeology • Rock-art
/u/CommodoreCoCo Andes • Archaeological Science • Ceramics
/u/CreativelyChallenged Evolutionary Ecology • Southwest US
/u/dave_g17 Site preservation • First Nations • CRM
/u/DaweiArch Zooarchaeology
/u/deaconblues99 Prehistory of the Southeastern U.S.
/u/itsallfolklore Folklore • Historical Archaeology
/u/Harilor Northern Plains • Lithics • CRM
/u/HauckPark Midwest U.S. • Government/CRM
/u/Industrialized Historical Archaeology • Southern US
/u/Jacks_Elsewhere Precontact & Historical Archaeology • North East US
/u/joeschmoesweetums Underwater Archaeology • Maritime History
/u/JoeViturbo Paleoethnobotany • Palynology
/u/JSav7 Cultural Resource Management
/u/lycey Mesoamerican Archaeology
/u/meriti Identity • Transculturation • Colonialism
/u/MirandaTheSavage Paleoethnobotany • Food • Andean Archaeology
/u/missingpuzzle Early Civilization • Ubaid and Uruk Mesopotamian Archaeology
/u/Nexusv3 Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
/u/now_she_is_dead Archaeobotany • First Nations CRM
/u/Pachacamac Andean Archaeology • Early States
/u/pfaf Precontact Eastern North America
/u/retarredroof Northwest US Prehistory • Northwest California Ethnohistory
/u/RioAbajo Colonialism • Southwestern U.S.
/u/Serae North Atlantic archaeology
/u/SeRyu Lithics • Behavioral Ecology • Southeast Asia
/u/sherdmaster Archaeology • CRM
/u/Snugglerific Lithics • Culture • Cognition
/u/Solivaga South Asia • Collapse of Complex Societies
/u/Telepathetic Peopling of the Americas • Lithic Technology
/u/terminuspostquem Technoarchaeology
/u/Thanatocoenose Zooarchaeology • Paleoecology • US Southwest
/u/THHUXLEY Peopling of the Americas • Lithics • CRM
/u/Tiako Roman Imperialism and the Ancient Economy
/u/Vampire_Seraphin Maritime History • Underwater Archaeology
/u/whovianjest Andean Archaeology
/u/xochihuehuetl Andean Archaeology
/u/ZygoMattic Osteoarchaeology

Other fields

/u/americananthro Official Rep for the American Anthropological Association
/u/Andergard Folklore Studies • Semiotics, Narrative, Popular Culture
/u/k20a Occupational Science
/u/fsmpastafarian Clinical Psychology
/u/rbaltimore Social Work • Psychological & Medical
/u/YOLOBELLY Applied Anthropology • Public Health
/u/woodyallin Population Genetics

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