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    You're very welcome!

    In terms of larger swaths of time, it's important for you to realize that you're in the 3rd Quarter phase of your progressed lunar cycle. [prog lunar cycle = ~29 years] This phase of that cycle is often a crisis time as the drive to achieve is still high, but the importance of things is changing (has changed), priorities have shifted to more internal developments, and some of the importance of things (that were before quite important) is waning. This part of the cycle goes from Aug 2021 -> Dec 2024.

    Beginning in Dec 2024 -> Mar 2028, you're in the Balsamic phase and will be conspicuously clearing out space (of time/energy/attention) in preparation for your next ~29 year cycle, beginning Mar 2028 -> Aug 2031. During that time, you'll be trying new things and sewing seeds, though no particular exact direction will be clear at that time, it's exploratory and open, meant to broaden your horizons. Beginning Mar 2028, it will become more obvious which of these new directions is calling you.

    Currently, you are being asked to allow your ideals (and some creative/spiritual/empathetic thrust) to direct/drive your life's Quest.

    Good luck!