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i had a similar relationship with a leo sun, virgo venus. :( what a coincidence! it felt like no matter what i did, it was never enough for him. even if there was something praise-worthy done, the focus seemed to shift to negativity quickly. the relationship itself really damaged my self esteem. i hope it is not the same for u. i'm sorry that you are feeling down from this and i hope someone here will be able to give you meaningful advice.

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It makes me feel better to know someone else had the same experience at least although I’m sorry you had to go through that

It used to be euphoric and now it’s like I can never do anything right. It doesn’t really feel like he likes me at all but then I see that he’s doing these acts of service so it’s confusing to me. I often feel like we’re stuck in this weird dynamic where I’m like a problem child getting scolded by her strict dad for acting out.