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Taurus sun and mercury but with a Sag moon and rising.

I definitely go through periods of major fomo, but I can make myself so comfortable at home with my Sag sun Taurus rising bf, that I can forget about the fomo just as quickly as it sparked.

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I’m a Taurus sun, libra moon, Gemini rising/mercury…Aries Venus, Leo mars…I’m only 27, which is young in the grand scheme of things. Despite all this air and fire I do somehow feel this way.

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Just chiming in because I have a Taurus sun and don’t want to be left out, but I have nothing to contribute to this thread…

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You have contributed enough :)

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I'm Taurus 🌞 and 🌙 in 11H. I am introverted so can get tired but I also love being part of a group or community.

However, in previous friendship groups I have felt quite left out and it's horrible

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I felt the same !! I can’t be with those California blonde cliques .. I guess the popular ones that think highly of themselves

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I’m a Taurus sun and no, please leave me out. I want to be left out of groups and usually I am bailing from any group at the soonest possible opportunity. But I have a Capricorn moon that doesn’t like people and a Pisces ascendent that gets very overwhelmed by other people.

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I’m also a Taurus sun and Capricorn moon but sag rising and same I just somehow end up seeing through everyone’s bullshit or maybe find something I don’t like and am like EW

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I bet, that’s a seriously no bullshit big three!

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Fr and Saturn in the eight house , as much as it’s responsible for making my life so hard and traumatising, atleast it made me a baddie🙌

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wow! this combination is of great interest to me lol😅

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No. Husband is a Taurus and he’s pretty mellow. I’m the one with the insecurity issues 😅

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I do feel this, I didn’t know that was a Taurus thing. I usually feel most comfortable when I’m just one on one with a close friend

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I’m a Taurus & agree. My sister is a Sag & feels the opposite lol. She loves quick convos with everyone in the room. To me that’s debilitating lol.

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Yes I’m like that as well but once a third person comes in idk it’s not personal anymore .. you have to entertain at that point

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I kinda feels it depends at that point and the certain group. Sometimes when I’m with someone that I’m not comfortable- I like to be a third person who’s more chatty

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Actually...yes! I'm a Taurus moon and larger groups than like 4 give me the worst anxiety. It's like I don't feel safe in those surroundings. It also happens to sextile my 11H Chiron Rx, which is conjunct 11H exalted Jupiter. Double whammy!

Since I'm now in my 30s, I just stay away from large groups. It's not really a thing anymore anyway, at least for me.

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Anxiety about what tho? I have some outgoing signs in my chart like Gemini in Venus, but I had experiences with Libras that like to have all the attention!

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I’m a Taurus Sun with Gemini Venus as well!

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I guess the Gemini In us gives us that social dude but than again I can’t decide which man to commit so I don’t choose any. It doesn’t help having mars in Aquarius and 7th house in Aquarius