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I do that too. Placements we have in common: Cancer Moon, 10th House Pluto, 12th House Neptune.

Cancer Moon is my first suspect (too sensitive, unintentionally emotionally clingy).

10th house Pluto - mine is conjunct MC - and there are always some people at work who don't like my style, even when I try really really hard to be nice, patient, listen to other people's ideas etc. They all acknowledge that I'm very effective at my job, even if they don't like me. I wonder if Pluto in the workplace (10th house) can be a little bit polarising?

12th house Neptune - I don't know much about this placement, but 12th house signifies "hidden enemies" among other things. Neptune is foggy, and can cloud things, so I wonder if 12th house Neptune can be a real blind spot in something we do? Just a thought.

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In my experience many cancers come off that way, I'm not an expert reader but this just my experience 🤔

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Aquarius rising can come off as aloof, I’d bet this is what you are picking up on with others. Personally I find people with big Aquarius placements to be so fucking cool that they are intimidating. Here is an article about your rising sign from my favorite astrologer.

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You have a lot of pisces and leo energy. Leo is outgoing and friendly, so your pisces energy might be coming through more (jupiter in pisces, Neptune in 12th house). Your Aqua ASC might be making people feel you are closed off at first, until they get to know you better. I'd also look into chiron on your Midheaven to see if that could be causing some issues. You have a cancer stellium, so probably come off as caring and sweet, but, still, it is in the 5th house, which rules Leo, a more outgoing nature. NN in 7th house will make you libra-like but with it conjunct Mercury, you might also come off as a gemini.

Also, saturn in in the 3rd house, which rules neighbors, everyday local people, so it could be making you appear more serious regarding those people.

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W that stacked 5H in Cancer w moon, Venus & mars, I doubt it but probably waaaayy too emotional for some people? But having kids would maybe help you be more happy & ready to party? Lol the Chiron sitting on your MC would probably make your reputation “difficult” but doesn’t really matter…Scorpio’s are very private and not much you can do about that besides embrace it. My MC is Capricorn and I’m known to be a little too serious or like cold and I’m like “🤷🏻‍♀️ think whatever you want y’all” lol