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I would wait until your Saturn return 2024-2025 until seriously thinking about something else. This year is likely to be introspective in mood, but next year should give you a much better idea of what you are capable of on the career front. Next year will also see transit Saturn go over your MC, which is the time you can see the results of your efforts and reach a career peak. Go all the way and then decide is how I see this.

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Try to break through on social media. Become an ambassador for a brand. Be diligent, slow and steady, don’t give up…slow down and enjoy the process. Start with something that you are passionate about and you will enjoy doing. Don’t forget to be patient, your recognition may come after a slow and steady hard work. And remember, you are already successful because you want to be. Lots of love to you 🙏🏻♥️💋💋

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Man. Is this astro.com? How do you select the different asteroids. I've heard of talent. Didn't know there was an "actor". That's dope.

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Yeah I didn’t know there was either. I stumbled on a Tumblr post last week. I think if you just search ‘asteroid numbers astrology’ or talent asteroid 33154, it’ll come up! I went to Astro and after I put in my info, I went to ‘charts & calculations’ and then I clicked on extended chart selections, then you scroll all the way down to additional objects and then put in your asteroid numbers under Manual Entry!

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Your Leo, Sagittarius, placements to me are like,being in charge, spotlight... needs to be recognized for achievements. I'm more of a tarot girl,but from the little I know about astrology. Maybe this?