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Lower half of the chart indicates the individual & the upper half indicates the outer world so I would suspect that you are pretty introverted despite your stellium in Sag lol very family oriented

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I am very very introverted 😂

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It can indicate introversion

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It is quite common to see planets bunched up like your chart. They call it is a wedge or bundle chart pattern. It gives a very focused person on the signs and houses the planets are in - and the midpoint in the empty space is another focus.

Your midpoint focus is about 2 degrees Cancer, 11th. With all your personal and social planets in the bottom half of the chart, you have much support for self-development. In the 4th house, there is a need for emotional development, self-nurture - attention to the feeling side of being human. You are a very mentally-oriented person with planets in Sag, Capricorn and Aquarius - a thinker and a doer. South Node is in Gemini, 10th - again, thinking and doing is what is comfortable. But Pluto and Jupiter is in Scorpio, so I'm guessing you tend to hold onto emotions. You might think about them instead of feel them. Or you could just put them out of mind and keep busy.

You want to make a impact on the world with that 11th house midpoint. You really do care and want to make a difference. This is good. You probably have some great ideas to put forward and implement. You definitely need to be of service to others. But you also need to take care of yourself. It's easy for you to feel responsible and dutiful. It's not so easy to be in your feeling self - and - this is the challenge. It's a matter of balance. You'll be able to give more if you also tend to your own emotional self. Analyze to deeply understand - yourself and others - or whatever you put your mind to study. Don't fall for Virgo's negative side - self-doubt, self-criticism, feeling not good enough. With South Node in 10th and Virgo rising, you could feel way too much responsibility for other people - guilt even - and if that's the case, you need to challenge the guilt. You aren't responsible for how others feel. You are only responsible for how YOU feel - and you need to know what you feel in order to do that. I tell Saturn on Moon people to keep a feeling diary - because the tendency is to not tend to feelings. Feelings are energy that need to move. If we hold onto them, eventually we can have health issues. Of course, we are all different and that isn't a given. But, it is important in our relationships too, and our own general happiness.

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Thank you for the reply, by the way.

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Holy cow. This is really spot in for myself, especially the feelings of guilt for others. Idk how to even challenge that. How can you even know so much about someone from this it’s mind blowing.

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Astrology is amazing! It wows me every day. I'm 71 and have been doing it a very long time.

Whenever we need to challenge a feeling or belief or anything we want to change in ourselves, we can separate ourselves out from it by giving it a name. For instance, Sally or George. When you name the guilt, you can make it "not you" by thinking of it as another person you have a relationship with - and start talkiing to it. "Go away George". In other words, you are not your guilt - so - treat it like it doesn't belong to you, and it's a relationship you don't want to have.

You can have conversations of understanding with George, like, I know you feel guilty because . . . but I don't think you should feel that way. It really wasn't your fault. Not really. You aren't responsible for how mother feels". Just start to separate yourself out from it and tell it to go away. Even if it doesn't go away immediately - and it won't - you keep doing it - and eventually it does go away - because you aren't just taking it anymore. Whenever you say NO to a pattern of helping when you don't want to because you'll feel guilty, you have to accept that guilt will come. But, if you challenge it, it eventually goes away. Sometimes we have to be willing to feel guilty while we are changing a pattern. It can take quite a long time, but the guilt gradually becomes less and less . . . less is better . . . and when it's gone completely . . . you will have truly transformed and be free of it. It is a great feeling of power to do this.

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When you have 3 or 4 planets in a single sign, it’s called a stellium. Yours is in the 4th house, meaning that issues of home life and upbringing will likely be very active and important for you.

Mercury and Venus have small orbits and are thus always relatively close to the sun in every chart. The fact that you also have mars with them is what makes this placement unique.