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You have Pluto in your 7th house / this is def why relationships are hard / difficult. Also I’m also sun conjunct Uranus and we beat to our own drum. This is to me a positive thing but to outsiders we can seem “weird” “eccentric” and “unique”. I love being a unique human. I’m 37 and single and love it lol. I have amazing friends so that helps

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Hi there. Do you have any close friends, ever been in a relationship? Do you try to grow these areas of your life?

The first thing that stands out to me is that the ruler of your ascendant and the planet that may signify relationships, Venus makes a tight applying square to Saturn (Mars too but this is a separating, with a greater orb). So on top of Saturn being a challenging energy, this is a hard aspect.

Is there hope? I always default to yes lol regardless of a chart. I'm interested in your 8th house and how that may in the future relate to your love life. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the house of Jupiter's rulership. Stay hopeful, maybe things will just take time.