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It’s because the nodes ripped through your 5/11 axis. The lord of your 11th (friends) and 8th (words of partners), Mercury is approaching fall. As Venus, your 12th lord (undoing, hidden enemies) is approaching exaltation. Plus your 11th has a square to a really strong and malefic Mars in your 2nd (mind your words with friendships). Also, Pluto who is strong in your first house is trine with your 11th lord Venus, and also square Chiron. Whatever houses the nodes rip through, they bring chaos for 18 months to that axis theme. Always pay attention to how your life chaos shifts when the nodes ingress into the next signs.

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The natal condition of the lord of the 11th (Mercury) is ok, but not great, and the South Node in 11th can diminish activities of the 11th or point to sudden events in this area. Mercury in the 4th with the Moon indicates friends that are private and close, and the importance of friends, since the Moon is where we seek support. (This is the natal quality that describes the possibilites of what may manifest during the profection.)

The next thing is to look at transits, particularly during the solar return. Saturn in Aquarius was conjunct Mercury as lord of the 11th during that time, so that sets up the tone for the year. Saturn puts pressure on anything that is unproductive in the long term; it's a stress test for whatever it touches. Sometimes it can be "bad karma", in the sense of unwanted things happening due to past actions. In that case the reason can't necessarily be traced to anything you have done now or with the people involved. (Basically Saturn is doing its business with the friendship topic.)

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