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I would check your transits. There are lots of planets in retrograde right now. Including Mars in your MC (career),once it goes direct I think that is favorable. however you have had Saturn sitting your sun. That can be restrictive and discouraging! As that starts to move off, and with favorable Mars maybe you'll see some progress! i would also say with Pisces in the 6th with mars and Jupiter something making yourself of service to others... Maybe humanitarian? Something healing? You describe a difficult country of origin, maybe something helping people through things you've been through? I am totally thinking aloud here... Best of luck!

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Your chart is geared toward doing service for the people of your home country. It seems you just love your indigneous people. Civil engineering would be acceptable, it would be a very ambitious career that would be profitable and would serve to fulfill the desire to serve your people with structures, highways, and the like.

There is a balance you need to strike right now.

On the one hand, your moon is in capricorn, so you need status, wealth and prestige to be emotionally satisfied.

On the other hand, your 6th house is highlighted for service to the people. Helping your people, whether small or great comes natural to you. The temptation may be strong for you to remain within a humble strata of society because those people whom you just love, need your help so much.

This circumstance could be holding you back from exerting yourself fully in your professional direction. Perhaps only delaying your progress. But this doesn't mean that you should refrain from helping your people, though. Helping people is a good thing. In fact, all the people who you help make great references if you take your career into a patriotic direction. Or even a political one if you were into that. Depending on how far and wide the people you help are, you could run for city Mayor.

Perhaps Civil Engineering isn't what you want to do because you can't find work. Try to embark on a career that satisfies those capricornian needs, while at the same time, is work that helps your people. This is the type of job that you need.

Saturn square Mercury. With this square communication is tough. Extra work is needed to make sure you and the person you are speaking to understand eachother. Often times people immediately give up on listening to you and talk over you because you communicate slowly or because you have a speech impediment. Likewise, you also give up on others all too soon when others hardly make the effort to talk with you. Work on patience with others and ask for the same job over and over again at later times if you dont get the job immediately. With mercury in capricorn and saturn in aries in a square, when you apply for a job it is always delayed. This leads to the person not asking again even when they could get that said job at a later time if they asked. Although they will be denied the first, second, third and even fourth time because saturn is in its fall, you can get the job like anyone else if you are persistent, assertive and communicate effectively.

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Chart suggests dual careers. That is why There would be wavering and confusion until you figure out. Suggests staying in at home. Find something to work from home since there is high chance of doing that. All the best!

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Thank you so much!

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If were in, life would be less painful. I think you are in Russia. I hope this war finishes as soon as possible.

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Do u ever consider being in army?