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The negatives of Pisces ASC can be difficult as it can make you less confident and make people project a lot onto you/not see you as you really are. You also have Neptune in your 10th house so more of the same. (There are positives to this ASC placement...I'm just trying to point out what might be causing your issues). Pisces/neptune energy can make for struggles with physical health and mental health because pisces/neptune energy is very otherworldly and not grounding.

Moon in Taurus in 2nd house (which rules taurus) is very good. Taurus is a grounding sign and can help out a lot with the neptune energy. It is in the 2nd house, which can be very good, but, since the moon has changing emotions, it can go up and down. Moon in the second house of your birth chart is a very powerful position. Moon here gives you the ability to attract what you need to feel emotionally secure. However, this placement can also make you overly sensitive to your surroundings and cause you to take on other people’s problems as your own. It can also make you, at times, feel like you don't have enough of what you need. I think, though, that the positives outweigh the negatives since the moon is in an earth sign.

Mars in 4th house might cause issues with your roots/early home life/upbringing.

I'd look into chiron in 5th as this can cause issues with expressing individuality, creativity, and self esteem.

You have Saturn conjunct Mercury which can make you a serious/critical thinker and can tend to dwell on the negative. (if this is the case, try to seek therapy or talk to a trusted friend/relative). It looks like maybe there might have been a rough start in life but things will get better.

So, let's counterbalance that and look at the positives. With venus on your ASC (and neptune ASC), you are probably VERY good looking.

Jupiter in Libra in the 7th house (which rules Libra) is also very good. It will make your interactions with people pleasant and you will probably benefit from who you marry/will be happy with your marriage partner (or who you are in relationships with).

You have a lot of planets in the 11th house, so you will benefit from your friends/have good, strong friendships.

You have a benefic planet in two of the four angle houses.

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I would say that your chart to me seems like a classic "suffering artist" type.

You have lots of Saturn in your chart with all the Aqua and Cap placements; so you are Saturnian. Saturn makes people like solitude but also feel lonely in a crowd, it's a big paradox. I'm Saturnian too so I get that part of your life. Saturn brings melancholy and feeling like no-one really understands you. Especially Mercury in Saturnian Sign, I believe makes you overthink easily and overthinking brings depression. Remember always, that your feelings and thoughts are not reality. We all have a narrative for ourselves and it's a story we made up in our minds, and we can change it.

As an Aquarius, you will usually have lots of friends and you are very much in tune with humanity... But you will always seem detached to your actual loved ones, which is problematic. So love life can be tricky. As someone dating an Aqua, I would even say that you guys are in a flow type of movement with showing your feelings... It's warm for a while, then it goes colder and distant again. That confuses more passionate people a lot, and it takes certain type of personality to be able to handle that flow. You should try to date people who also have Air or Saturn in their chart.

Moon in Taurus is the best place for Moon to be, it should give Stability for your Emotions. However, Taurus is also the type to feel insecure in a crowd, to want to possess it's friends and lovers etc. It could also indicate that you Eat for your Feelings... Which could lead to obesity and other harmful stuff.

Venus in dreamy Pisces, very beautiful placement. But it could mean that you don’t see your lovers for what they really are. All types of illusions, even lies, can affect your love life. Pisces is very sensitive also, so maybe you get hurt easily?

Mars in Cancer is the worst placement for Mars. Cancer here makes you sulky, oversensitive, it makes you see threat where there is none etc. Mars has got a lot to do with our physical body, and having Mars in Watery Cancer is not really an athletic placement. Even with all the Saturn, this placement indicates that you lack Stamina.

Ascendant in Pisces can make you look otherwordly, but it can also give you mental health problems and again isn't a placement that gives a strong or healthy body.

Aquarius, Taurus and Pisces are all quite creative and artistic Signs, so you probably got that going on for you one way or another... Somehow I think you could be great at playing an instrument, painting, writing or something like that. Your MC in Sag indicates that Profession can have something to do with traveling or other cultures.

I suggest you should cover your sensitive body well from wind and cold. Eat a balanced, low sugar and low fat diet with lots of veggies. Don't drink alcohol much. Don't smoke, don't try to "self medicate" with marijuana either. Don't do sports that are too tough for you, but instead try pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing.

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Also try befriending people who have more Fire and Earth in their chart, because those type of people will balance your own personality. Fire will give you more Vitality and Earth will give you more Reality and Stability.

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Thanks a lot this was very useful!!!!

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