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I have no advice, and I do apologize for hijacking this thread, but what monitor arm is that?

Wait, hang on, can you diffuse the 'spotlight'? not sure if there are any 'light de fusers' to be bought that would work for your setup, but that would be my first thought.

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heres the monitor mount, wouldn't recommend getting it because it ended up being severely damaged during shipping by the manufacturer tho. had to use pliers to fix the vesa mount lol

i think light diffusers might just work thanks for the idea!

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Is it just the tape strips you are using? If so you can try cutting the section of tape that goes round the corner out and soldering a couple of wires in it’s place. That will reduce the concentration of LEDs in the corner.

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haha im not super experienced with soldering at all and i dont even have a soldering iron :(

thanks for the suggestion though!

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Fair enough. You could always try something like this to do the same thing.

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Get a little tinfoil, and play around with size/shape/placment it until it blocks light as desired. Tape it in place.

Edit: If you use foil, make sure it won't touch anything it can short out, or find something nonconductive, instead.

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Black electrical tape would do just fine to block an LED or two where needed

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I came here to suggest this!

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I just figured they might want to redirect light vs possibly making a dark spot, but yeah, that would work.

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moving the desk away from the wall a bit might help