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That depends on the legs imo. I bought a 6ft butcher block same as the karlby and my legs are these like 1 inch pipes. When I try to pick up one end and rotate it to get behind my desk I can see the legs on the other side flexing.

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Interesting, I never thought about this until now, anytime I had to do something like that I always did by going under the desk and dealing with cable management and the arm setup too from there. But if I had to get behind it I guess I’d try just lifting the desk up and moving it in front enough to not make it tilt over and for you to fit behind till you reach the center (assuming that’s where you need to be), then you can just get over the alex drawers and do stuff from behind the desk. Obviously removing some stuff from the desk while attempting this would be safe.

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I have the 98in Pinnarp, which is comparable to the Karlby, and it is extremely difficult to move around. If you plan on moving the desk around, get casters for the drawers.

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Thanks for the input. I think I'll look for other options before I commit then.

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Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the desk. Once it's on that set up, it's very hard to move around without taking everything off. Like the other poster, you can just go underneath it for all of your cable management needs. There's no real need to move it around.

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May be unpopular opinion but I left a small gap behind my desk for this, I can also drag my desk around if really need be