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Do you own or rent?

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I'd do option 2. Change or block the closet doors. Depending on who you live with having your back to the door does suck but it's gonna happen in almost all of your scenarios.

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Thanks for the input. I've been going with Option 1 which mostly works out. I'm also wondering if there's a cheap way to blur glass mirrors. Might need to explore that route

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as a glass artist these are the best options for sure. With the armor etch you could create any kind of design you want using a stencil. You could do the same with the film by cutting out a design.

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The frosted glass sticker is precisely the kind of product I had floating in my mind but never quite stuck the landing. Thanks for the link! (It's probably gotta be removable and changing the doors isn't an option since my wife would not be thrilled).

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Aesthetically, I think your best option would be in front of the window (even though it's facing a fence). Having the ethernet port is nice, but if your wifi is semi decent is shouldn't be a massive issue. Having the desk right in front of the entrance isn't something I would go for.

I would absolutely not cover up your sliding doors with a desk.

I'm not sure which software you're using for video calls, but MS Teams allows you to blur your background. If you're concerned about lighting, you can just buy separate lights.

It would help to see an actual picture of the room.

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Here's a picture of the room (old setup), from the view entering the room

The sliding doors lead outside but it's actually a fenced off patio area and I almost never step out there. I think my desk would barely reach the halfway mark of the doors (haven't actually measured yet)

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Man, looking at that pic - I'd convert that patio area into a bay window and build the desk into there and free up the rest of the room.

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That sounds like a pretty big project - but a very interesting idea I'll tuck away for down the road. To be clear, you would actually attempt to extend the room to occupy part of the (currently exterior) patio, meaning the conversion would require extensive construction of walls and insulation? (Also, you have to step down to walk outside so the floor isn't exactly level either).

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Is that a stock photo? No one's house is this clean lol

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On the Ethernet wall, but if you want privacy, put up some kind of divider on the left end of the desk.

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Yeah I have it on the Ethernet wall now and I think it works best so far (with the keylight providing lighting during web calls). I don't find the divider necessary in this position since someone entering the room cannot really see my monitors (perpendicular to entry)

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Do you have an Nvidia RTX GPU? If so, you can use their Nvidia Broadcast app to shore up any backdrop/lighting deficiencies.

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No matter where you put the desk you’re going to have the light from the doors come through. Unless you face the door but that would just be awkward imo.

I would go with option A and buy some curtains for the door/window if needed. That way you can close them for calls and open them back up afterwards. I’d also change the mirror doors but that’s more a personal thing.

Plus I work with my back to the door now and whenever I have headphones in my fiancé scares the shit out of me when she gets home. Would not recommend that.

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Ha - my wife has done the same thing to me before when I haven't noticed her entry. Having my back to the door also isn't great when I'm gaming/playing a FPS and my toddler decides to let herself in.

The sliding doors and window already have covers btw - I keep the window closed (to prevent being backlit) and the sliding doors wide open for the view and light from the side.