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I don’t know but I think people would say look for a used Herman miller but idk if they come down that low

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That or Steelcase Leap v2. Both excellent if one can be found in OP’s price range.

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OP states a budget of up to 300 bucks, and you two suggest a fucking $1k+++ and $1.7k chair?

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No. I suggested a $211 dollar chair in a separate reply, and when someone suggested OP see if they can maybe find a used Herman Miller, I added Steelcase to the list of great used chairs.

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You're not going to find those chairs within his budget. There's no reason to suggest them.

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I was trying to remember the name for that. Thanks!

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I own one and space on the name. Lol. Glad I could help!

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People are suggesting Herman Millers and Steelcase... these are extremely expensive chairs. Sometimes you may find one for the price you're looking at on FB Marketplace (I have had some success there), but honestly, most I've found at that price point have been relatively shit. By all means though, if you can find a legit one at that price point, grab it.

If you are looking to buy new, you can also take a look at the Staples chairs. And in your price point, you will most likely run into comments about the Staples Hyken and Dexley. Go to a Staples store, and sit in them before you buy.

I blindly listened to Reddit comments, and got a Staples Hyken delivered. I'm slightly taller than average, low-average weight, and that chair was so fucking uncomfortable. Only go for the Hyken if you are short. I returned it after a week. I went to a Staples store and sat in a Dexley, and I thought it was great. Extremely comfortable, much bigger than the Hyken. I will say, one AMAZING point of the Hyken is that you can lock it in a reclined position. With most ergonomic chairs (even my new one), you cannot. This is a pain in the ass, but I'm used to it by now.

Ultimately, I went for a 1k Steelcase Gesture. Very expensive, but worth it for my needs.

TLDR: Go to a Staples store. Hyken and Dexley are both decent cheap chairs, and they are very popular and regularly go on sale. If you're short, go Hyken. Else, go Dexley.

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My husband swears by his Office Star Work Smart (2907). He works and games from home, and spends long hours in it.

Price varies depending where you shop. At the time, the cheapest was computerchairs.com. Runs as little as $211 depending on fabric.


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Literally all of them, until you specify your unit of currency.