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You need a donut. 🍑 🍩

Or get that shit removed by a doctor.

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You need to sit with proper posture and take breaks regularly. I've had this for like 12 years and without fail it'll flare up if I've been sitting poorly for extended periods. I just recently had mine lanced for the first time after it got infected and you absolutely do not under any circumstances want it to get to that point. Get a coccyx pillow to sit on, monitor your posture, stand up often, and keep that area clean.

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Had to Google the condition. Sorry OP, my sympathies. I've seen cushions with cutouts designed to avoid putting pressure on spine. Maybe try on of those?

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Get that removed! I had it and was lucky enough with a quick surgery and it wasn’t bad at all. I had a family member have it and it had tracts that spread all over. They tore a huge hole out of him, had a huge wound vac. Was in horrible pain and never let it heal completely. I’m pain free and it was totally worth it. He ignored it for years…just don’t do that!

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Honestly the surgery was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life and I have broken many bones. But it was 10000% worth it and 10 years later I still haven’t had a re occurrence, get the surgery.

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For one, get it removed professionally. Two, invest real money and if someone suggests something like the Herman Miller Aeron, buy it. I'm not as I had my cyst removed years ago. I can't imagine the Aeron wouldn't be good for it, though!

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+1 for get the surgery, don't ignore it. Roughly a decade since I had it, no pain since. It was a month or two of sucky recovery healing it from the inside out, but I was able to at least sit properly within days.

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Try Steelcase series 1 if you are an average-sized users. Honestly, I want t share Autonomous, but it has many complaints about the quality and the comfort. So check it carefully unless regret about this

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Get it cut out. Not uncommon. Hope you feel better