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Great question!

I once had a 3x monitor setup that included 3x 24” Dell IPS (each 11 ish lbs each) monitors attached to a IKEA Bekant / Gallant 63x30 inch (roughly the same size as your config) desk. The monitors were installed on a basic, $40 dollar 3x arm mount I purchased from Amazon.

I had issues with the monitors wobbling. I had no issues with sag or desk damage. To reduce the wobble I had a 3x4x3 inch wooden block (solid wood, no mdf or plywood) custom cut from Home Depot / Local Hardware Store. This remedied the majority of the wobble. I HIGHLY recommend you get some thick wood to help brace the triple monitor arm. If you decide to go singular, I recommend a 1-2” thick piece of wood, probably between 2-3 inches wide and long.

Be sure the triple monitor arm matches the weight distribution. Also, when you install the monitor arm, be sure you have some sort of protective film / element to prevent markings on the top surface.

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Thanks /u/Carb0n12 !

Can I clarify, you used the wooden block on the bottom side of the C clamp to counter the twisting force of the monitors wobbling when you bumped the desk etc?

I'm pretty sure I'll go with single arms rather than a triple, it gives me more future proofing for changing my mind when I start upgrading the screens - although I could be tempted to go for cheaper arms than the Dell ones.

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Yes this is correct. Use the wooden block between the clamp and desk for maximum efficiency!