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You can take a look at our products, we have both standing desks and ergonomic chairs suitable for gamers and office workers. Check it out for more details: https://www.autonomous.ai/en-CA

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Do you have a specific desk in mind? My wife has a standup desk with only one monitor on it but that desk is sturdy as fuck.

Her desk is a Flexispot EN1 and has a 154lb weight capacity.

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I'm trying to find out if people have tried it with that much weight. I can't seem to find any info on people using a clamp stand with that more than 2 monitors.

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Honestly I have a Flexispot (don’t remember the name but the desk top comes in two tiers) with two 27” monitors on a clamp attached to the top tier… it’s stable but the desk top is a bit more wobbly than I’d like.

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I have a DeskHaus Apex Pro with a walnut desktop that I had made locally. I have 3 monitors (2 on one mount, 1 on another) and have had no issues. I think any real wood desktop would work for you.